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This is a mix of mt Favorite Directors of all time, and the Best, of which i think there is a distinct difference. Before you get started here are some honorable metions i feel obliged to mention that were omitted, purposefully..: Alfred Hitchcock (Ive only seen four of his films, sorry) Paul Thomas Anderson, Woody Allen, John Woo, Luc Besson, John Carpenter (pains me he didn't make the cut), David Cronenberg (although if he keeps making 'Eastern Promises' calibur films, he should move up), Tom Twyker, Guillermo Del Toro, Brian De Palma, Steven Soderbergh, William Friedkin, John Sturges, Mel Gibson, Paul McGuigan, George Roy Hill, Sam Peckinpah, Peter Jackson, Tobe Hooper, Nowman Jewison, Roman Polanski, 'Beat' Takeshi, Takeshi Miike, and Robert Zemeckis. Whew! Whos left you ask, well read on....!
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My favorite films of each year sice 1975!