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Since I've seen street fighter assassin's fist, I can say I was really impressed on it's story, though I'm not much a fan of Street Fighter compared to Tekken, so keep in mind that this is my list of characters from SF1 and SF: Alpha, so please no mean comments. Also if anybody has a suggestion, please let me know.
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I thought I could share my favourites to the rest of you, if you watch a lot of asian cinema like Pakistan, India, China, Japan, Korea etc, then you're definitely on the right place.
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I watched the Tekken movie back in 2010, and guess what, it had a bad cast (apart from Lateef Crowder), bad story plot and bad character design. For my Reboot idea, it should set during Tekken 5 and 6, to centre the story on mostly on Jin and Lars (my fave characters. Also recurring Characters, such as Xiaoyu, Eddy, Nina, Hwoarang, Steve and Lei will be an ally to Jin or Lars during the film. also antagonists such as Kazuya, Heihachi, Jinpachi and Azazel would be the enemy of Jin. Minor characters like Bob, Julia, Bryan, Jack, King, Craig, and Yoshimitsu are in this film. This is only my suggestions, you can suggest something else if i'm missing some fighter on my list. I promise to keep updating the list as I'am a Tekken fan myself. Okay here are the cast "gulp":
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Here's a list of favourites that I enjoy the most from the west. will be making a separate list for the Asian counterpart very soon.
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The plot is unknown at this moment and I haven't watched Justice League on TV for ages until they brought it back on TV, though many fans think it's not true to the adaptation, I can understand it but also I came up a list below of actors to play the characters. Also, I don't read much of DC comics, but I watch a lot of DC shows to understand each character though. If you have any problems, suggest me somebody to play the character and I will update it:
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films like Spider-man 2, The Madallion and Superman Returns are examples I could let off the hook with, but not the films below, so here we go:
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These are a list of the most disgraceful, untalented and rip-offs of the industry.