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A Monumental Failure, 11 March 2014

I left the movie theatre in total disbelief, as I could not believe that anyone would have the courage to release this stinker of a movie.

The list of problems are endless. The scenes are completely disjointed and seemed to be hacked together. Character development is non-existent. The comical tone of the movie is completely inappropriate for a movie taking place in the middle of WW2. The dialogue is completely ridiculous. The character's actions make no sense. The historical accuracy is suspect. I read somewhere that this movie is about 80% accurate. Without even knowing the real story, I would estimate that it is 10% accurate.

This movie is an insult to humanity.

+1 because the set was at least decently done.

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Roland Emmerich: A Genius?, 11 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm starting to think Roland Emmerich is a genius.

First of all, this movie is probably one of the worst movies that I've ever seen. On the surface, this movie is a ridiculous, shallow, predictable, intelligence-insulting, time-wasting pile of crap. However, I believe there is a deeper meaning in his series of stinkers. Roland Emmerich is warning of the degeneration of our societies by the success of his movies. His movies symbolize the politicians we have chosen. While the citizens of our great democracies lie complacent, the politicians are looting the wealth from underneath us (like his movies have looted us of our valuable time and money).

Roland Emmerich is telling us to wake up and destroy the status quo! I only hope that he continues his campaign of enlightenment, so we can enjoy a better future.

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Entertaining if you ignore the title., 19 December 2010

This movie is an action movie with the name "Sherlock Holmes" slapped onto it. Imagine if you walked into a movie called "James Bond" and you ended watching a movie like "Sex and the City". This is exactly what this felt like watching this movie.

Nonetheless, this movie was entertaining. Just disassociate the name Sherlock Holmes with the character in the novels by Doyle.

If the movie was called something else, I would have given it 7/10. However, I feel that this movie misled a lot of people into thinking they were watching a movie about Sherlock Holmes the detective, not Sherlock Holmes the action hero.

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An interesting documentary, especially after knowing the fate of GM., 20 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think this movie gives a very interesting insight into why GM went bankrupt. GM was a leader in electric cars, but in the end, decided to kill it. I think it's safe to assume that there were many more of these types of decisions made, which would lead to GM's bankruptcy.

Once has to keep in mind that this was a short-sighted business decision. And in a way it makes a lot of sense. There are much more profits in selling big SUVs than tiny electric vehicles. By introducing the electric vehicle, it will take away from the demand of their more profitable cars. Of course, what doesn't make sense, is why they didn't continue to develop it in a niche market, knowing that gas prices will go up sometime in the future, which would boost demand for an EV.

Of course GM's short-sightedness and incredible greed marched them directly into a quick death, after gas prices shot up and instantly killed the consumer's appetite for gas guzzlers, killing the sales of their SUVs.

What's VERY interesting is that now they put all their hopes into the EV. But remember, they had the technology over 10 years ago! If they continued to develop it, they would have been 10 years ahead of everyone, and they probably wouldn't be in such horrible shape.

It's really an interesting documentary to watch, now that we know what happened to GM.

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This show is a flop., 28 February 2007

First off, this show concept is clearly ripped off from the Howard Stern show. What's worse is that this show is not very entertaining. I was hoping that this would be a funny show, but I was wrong.

The show is desperately dragged out. It's much worse than Deal or No Deal (which I thought should be horribly boring, but it's somehow entertaining). There are also way too few questions being answered per show. What's worse, is that they use the same cliff-hanger BS that Deal or No Deal uses to cut to commercials, but instead of wanting to continue to see the show, I find myself just changing the channel, and not really caring.

For this show to be successful, it has to move a lot faster. They need to go through way more questions. They need to add more money levels (currently, I think it just takes 10 questions to get to $1 million), and find people that aren't complete morons.

The Ringer (2005)
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If you have low expectations for this movie, prepare to be disappointed., 23 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off, this movie is horrible. If you're looking for some laughs in this movie, you'll probably have to smoke a lot of dope.

I watched this movie because it had a funny premise: "A young guy's only option to erase a really bad debt is to rig the Special Olympics by posing as a contestant." There's a lot of potential right? Wrong.

After the first 20 minutes of the movie, the ending of the movie was blatantly obvious. The rest of the movie was just a painful crawl to the finish line. Throughout the movie, I was wondering how this movie could have gotten any funding at all with such a horrible script.

This movie is classified as a comedy. Don't let that deceive you. This movie is not funny. I thought this movie would have some low-brow humour, which I enjoy once in a while, but it lacked any humour whatsoever.

The "special" characters in the movies were crappy B actors poorly portraying retarded people. I felt that they should have hired real mentally challenged people to play these roles. I'm sure they would have done a better job.

The worst part is that this movie probably made money, which will encourage the studios to produce more of this kind of crap. Sometimes capitalism fails...

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I was so impressed by how crappy it was., 12 September 2003

This movie definitely sets the new bar for really crappy movies. I'm really glad that I saw it because every movie that I see from now on will be spectacular in comparison.

Thank god I only paid $1.50 at a ghetto movie theatre.