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Wee Sing Together (1985 Video)
Fun for everyone!
16 March 2013
As a 38 year old, I recently rented this from my local library to watch with my cats. I was pleasantly surprised! You know that old saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover?" Well that's exactly what I did and I have no regrets. #YOLO (LOL!!) As I was scanning the sing-a-long section, my eyes stopped at a young gal with a big bunny and bear at a hoppin' shindig. I couldn't resist. I was little nervous as to whether I'd like it or not, but right when it started I knew I made a great decision. I've already watched it 10 times since I rented it yesterday. I know every song and sing all the songs constantly. If you ever come across this VHS tape at your library I cannot emphasize this enough BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT or should I say rent it!? LOL! You'll feel a lot better and more educated, I mean you'll be able to recite the alphabet backwards! What more could you want?
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Self Education
16 March 2013
How are there no reviews for this? I am constantly raving about this film to all my friends. A lot of times they don't know what "grimace" even is. I'm like hello, it's the purple dude from McDonalds! Duh! I'm a McDonalds regular, all the employees at my local MickyDs (that's what the cool kids call it) know me by name, so I just cannot fathom how my "friends" don't know who Grimace is. Anyway, this movie is superb. This movie is all about coming to terms with your inner self. Grimace must learn to accept who is he to become acquainted with his family. Traveling to Grimace Island is a journey within itself. If you enjoyed Atlantis, this movie is a must see. You will not be disappointed and will learn a lot about yourself in the process.
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Life Changing Film!
16 March 2013
How is this movie only rated a 2? I came to check the rating of one of my all time favorite classic films, and was completely flabbergasted! It's Pat is a heartwarming, coming of age story of a multi-talented androgynous human being. One of the main plots is that Pat is a hard-working, kind, selfless person and it's hard to understand why Pat can't keep a job. Well, that and Pat's relationship struggles with Chris and his neighbor, Kyle. (Notice how I keep mentioning Pat as Pat and not (s)he? well, I don't want to spoil anything for you!) Kyle is a very complex character who seems like he has his life figured out until he meets Pat. Then a bunch of crazy stuff happens! It's a hoot! The film is a lot of fun and I recommend it to everyone! I showed it to all my friends and they were so jealous that I was the one to see it first, that they all stopped talking to me! But no worries, I met a real life person who's just like Pat, named Sam. This movie changed my life forever and I hope it does the same to yours!
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9 July 2011
Wow, I am disgusted to see such a distasteful review other than my own. This is one of the best videos I have ever seen. This video gives a great message, telling you to follow your dreams. The scene that really spoke to me was the pizza song. MAN, did that pizza look absolutely delicious! I'll never forget this one time, a bunch of me and my gal pals decided to make a pizza of everything in the song. I'll admit, we didn't include everything. We left out the salsa..Salsa on pizza? Now that's atrocious! So anyway, me and my girls put everything on the pizza, and it was the best thing I've ever tasted! Now every time I order a pizza, I make sure to add all of those ingredients! Yum! The one part that really terrified me was the scary movie song. I always had to fast-forward through that part, otherwise I would get nightmares. I still fast-forward it to this day! I don't think they realized how scary that part would be for children and young adults. I recommend this movie to everyone, especially those locked up in a retirement home. Just make sure you have the fast-forward button handy!
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Beautiful, just beautiful.
8 July 2011
After taking the time out my busy schedule to check out some of the reviews for my all-time favorite movie, I was utterly shocked and upset to find that it had such a low rating! This is a flawlessly produced movie consisting of love, heartbreak, horror, action, and dancing. I can't think of any other movie that contains all of these elements that also keeps the audience entertained throughout the entire movie. It was a truly original story where two sisters along with their family are put into the witness protection program after gunning down a criminal with a bottle of ketchup (LOL!) I thought it was very realistic how the girls kept blabbing about why they had moved to all the different towns. Who can count on teenage girls to keep a secret anyway? Their representation of Australia seemed very accurate and it really makes me want to visit there! They all seem so friendly! Except for that retched Victoria! If I ever see her, I'll sure give her a piece of my mind! My favorite part of the movie was during the surf war! It was exciting, definitely a nail-biter. I love when the boy hurts his widgie. It's hard to tell what he is referring to his widgie at first but then I realized what he meant. That is one of my favorite lines of any movie if you couldn't tell by my user-name! Overall, this is an excellent film. Perfectly scripted, and amazing in every way. I recommend it to EVERYONE!!
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