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After seeing Ridley Scott fail spectacularly when he adapted the story of Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings, I felt I should make my own fancast in case a superior director attempts to make another go at adapting the Book of Exodus.
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After watching a documentary about cinematography, I can safely say i'm a big fan of cinematography. So here's a list of at least seventy cinematographers that I'm a fan of. The first ten could be considered my top ten favorites. The rest are in no particular order. To make this list, the cinematographers have to leave a mark on me or I have to remember at least one film they've done.
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After the disapointment that was the 2014 film, I thought I'd put up my suggestions for a good Annie cast.
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Okay there isn't any actual UK version of the show and the show itself is pretty lackluster, but the concept is intriguing to me and could make for an interesting look at women during World War II. So if they ever do make a UK version, here's who I hope they get for it.
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1 to 19: Most overrated.

20 to 23: Mediocre.

24 and 25: Okay.
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It's all in the title.

It depends on your director or the script your given but I put most of the actors on this list because I've seen them in films and look like they have bright futures in the acting world or that they look capable.

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You know it's coming, so we might as well start setting up our hopes to be dashed...or surpassed.
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With the film they won for and in some cases my own pick for the award.

Note: whenever I show my own choice I mean no offence to the actual winner, it's just what I'd like to see win.
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A list of movies that have death scenes, be they ones for the villains or the heroes that are epic...
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Listed in the order that there names came into my head.
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Won Best Picture.
Directed by Fred Zinnemann
Written by Daniel Taradash
Produced by Buddy Adler
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