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Rubbish, 17 November 2014

This was so bad, I honestly thought it was done by either TV Ontario (public access) or some awful CBC government funded pile surrounding LGBT programming. Never in a million years would I expect this to be British TV or even British student TV.... it is just insanely bad.

Right from the terrible acting, the whiny, discordant soundtrack where the sound levels go from whispering in a shoebox to blasting your ears off all the way to the dragged out unnecessary scenes of people taking three minutes to answer their phone or showing tidbits with no discernible function toward forwarding the story.... this 'production' is so beyond amateurish, dull and irritating as to be almost unwatchable.

Avoid at all costs unless you can somehow make a drinking game of it like whenever the show decides to blast your eardrums with melancholy, weepy music after you had to notch up the volume to make out the whispering of the poor, sad main character.

"19-2" (2014)
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For depressives only..., 13 February 2014

Be WARNED! The above 'reviews' are obviously paid for or are shills for the show as 2 out of the 3 are from people who literally just joined IMDb March 4th to give their glowing reviews for ONLY this show. Ratings must stink if they have to pay people or cajole employees of it to get positive postings on this garbage. I have now watched 5 episodes and absolutely NOTHING positive or happy happens to ANYONE! It's so utterly ridiculously Canadian... we're either yukking it up or locked in this navel gazing depression as far as TV goes. I have no clue how good the French version of this show is, but the English 'remake' is utter circular bin fodder.

To summarize, a small town 'golden boy' provincial cop moves to the BIG CITY (Montreal) and gets paired up with a 'lone wolf' cop who just had his partner shot. The events in this show are so unbelievably disparaging as to be comedic.... they just go from one horrible situation to the next, all the while with plonking, melodramatic piano/cello/violin plaintively whining in the background.

It's almost like Degrassi Junior Cops, you know the teenage drama where almost every episode some kid gets knocked up, hooked on drugs or loses an eye? Same garbage only there's absolutely no moralistic lesson to be had except for maybe the world is a trashcan and cops are clinging to sanity either through heroic integrity (golden boy), sheer determination (lone wolf) or via some kind of self abuse like booze, drugs or sex (every single other cop).

I give this show less than one season unless the government is stroking it with our hard earned tax dollars in which case I expect at least three seasons of depressing decrepitude.

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Disjointed and Pointless., 3 May 2013

I''m a large fan of good Anime , preferring the more 'adult' themed titles in general (NOT pornographic or fetish) and while this Anime did have an adult oriented theme running through it, it was mostly child based characters. This wasn't what detracted from the film though, it was the plot of a serial killer hunting girls that didn't have ANY cohesion to it whatsoever, a misleading title that means 'werewolf' in french but has nothing of the sort in the film and the most tenuous of connections to a 'lone wolf' that I've ever seen and characters that were boring bordering on inane. For example: the main 'boy' character's main feature was no character whatsoever... he was akin to an emotionless robot and the main 'girl' character... well she was annoying on multiple levels with he inability to communicate.. not that she couldn't, she has some kind of 'disorder' but the fact that over half of her utterances are just sighs, moans, 'ooohs' and 'ahhs' to the point that it almost seems like audio porn. Irritating and disgusting considering it's a 12 year old.

All in all, the story refused to explain itself throughout and ended with such an anti-climax I wanted to smash the screen in rage. Just because it's an adult oriented Anime with mature themes and pretty artwork does NOT make it any more palatable than an episode of Teletubbies!

Stay away from this one and save yourself an hour and a half of your time.

Survival Code (2013) (TV)
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Alright for a pilot., 28 March 2013

This was a pilot for a TV series and was O.K., not the massive, breathtaking, wonderful production the top SEVEN reviews are gushing about and have OBVIOUSLY come from either people associated with the production or have some stake in it's continued(?) success.

For example, there's even a review from some guy in POLAND who's English is spot on and come ON get real people, there's no way this ever reached Polish TV, rental shops or whatever.... if you're going to post fake reviews, at least make them SEEM legit!

For a semi-scifi story, it's interesting enough and the acting is TV quality at best but it was better than a lot of the schlock that's being tossed our way these days. If it ever gets picked up for a full run, it might catch on for the plain fact that there IS so much garbage out there but I'm not holding my breath waiting for it to become a reality.... it just wasn't THAT engaging.

Love (2011/I)
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Love spelt beginning with S and ending with T. a lot of HI in middle, 10 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An utter waste of time. This was nothing but an ego production... massaging someones attempts at writing and film making. While TECHNICALLY solid, there was NO story to be had, no conclusions and definitely no LOVE barring the grease spread so thoroughly around to get this piece made. (just check out all the credits and you can tell many, many people were schmoozed). I really don't care that it was made with a budget of $500 K, Clerks was made with just over $12 K and makes this look like a silk sow's ear.

Some of the visuals were nice and the camera work was solid but the movie fails on so many accounts I seriously don't know where to begin but I'll end it with this:


Snow Beast (2011)
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Beastly Bad, 9 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow was this ever bad. From terrible acting to the recycled beast face from The Fifth Element (a GOOD movie) stuck onto a shag carpet man-suit to the insanely moronic behaviour of the characters that I can only assume had to do the things they did because they were in the script as nobody could even imagine being that stupid.

Stupidity in no particular order.... snowmobile gets trashed by some 'big hairy thing' but we'll check it in the morning, not leave... record film of giant hairy beast CLEARLY from multiple angles via remote cameras but no one can tell what it is 'it's a thing'... have run in with beast and get away back to cottage but we'll leave in the morning even though we're scared senseless... one person awakes really early before they take off so they can go look for Beast, leaves tranq gun in car because, well, why not?... bring bait to distract Beast but instead of a bag, drag it on a garbage can lid on a rope for miles... and on and on.

At one point in the movie, you can see the opening the 'actor' uses to get into the suit... they didn't even try to hide it, just let it look like a really bad stripe down is carpeted back.

Avoid like it as if it WERE a Beast trying to hunt you down!! unless you're going to make it a drinking game where you have one every time someone does something stupid or the daughter pouts... you should be plastered by the end.

Wasteland (2011/I)
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Good time waster, 24 October 2011

Right out of the gate, you can tell this is not the highest budget, big production movie of the year... but that's OK! Hollywood should take notice of little indie films like this that do a lot with very little.

The movie itself is a mishmash of Mad Max, survival wasteland and some chop-socky tossed in for flavour. If you can look past the low budget and the 'slightly' over the top acting, it really isn't a half-bad movie! Certainly entertained me more than 'Drive' which I watched earlier this evening.

Fans of cult films will certainly get a kick out of this (pun intended)and I hope the makers do more in the future. I think with a big studio behind them, they could really create something special.... maybe even the next Matrix or Saw, who knows?

The Scarf (2009)
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Not UFO's, Gods alien vengeance....., 24 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Very bad student(?) movie about kids doing a school report on UFO's... or that's what the movie leads you to believe at the beginning. They slyly work GOD into the picture (have you been to church? why not?) and the crux of the movie turns out to be that if you believe in the occult or space men, YOU WILL BURN!! and I do mean burn, literally!

At points in the movie while trying to hunt down a UFO 'experience' the one girl gets harassed by 'lights' that burn her and is only rescued by her friend praying for God's intervention. After that point, the 'burn' victim quite quickly becomes a nasty piece of work while losing her grip, blaming everything around her for how bad it all is... very, very stupid way of saying if you don't have God in your life, it will all go to sh!t.

As a parting note, the title comes from a scarf that the disbelievers grandmother gave her who also believed in powers of esp and is the main impetus for the girl being bothered by these wicked, evil lights from above. All in all a call to join the ranks of the church and a terrible story to promote that agenda.... if this is what they're offering in that big 'ol white building with the cross I see everywhere, I'm staying far, FAR away!!

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Garbage... a shame to be associated with the first 2 movies, 7 July 2011

The first two Scanner movies were actually palatable... this however reeked of exploitation of a good series name, asinine acting, shoddy special effects, HORRIBLE dialogue and story.

Whoever has given this a decent rating has either never seen a decent movie in their lives or is somehow attached to the making/production or distribution of this pile of dog crap. It's movies like this that make Canadian cinema regarded as a joke world-wide.

I swear to god this was a (mostly) Government funded vacation for some sleazebags who wanted to go to Thailand without paying for it and attached a movie production to it to get the grants.

Avoid at all costs. Not even campy enough for a laugh. Someone here mentioned the scanner 'powers' consisted of making dirty faces at each other until someone died or flew away... pretty much on the money except I'd add doing your best 'retard' conniption fit at the same time. Excellent example of horrible french-Canadian cinema.

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A visual and nostalgic treat!, 7 July 2011

I watched and loved the anime 'Starblazers' as a kid and now 30+ years on I find out they've made a live action version of the series that I knew absolutely nothing about! Well, I just HAD to watch it, not expecting anything great.... putting my hopes as high as a SciFy movie of the week or a campy Godzilla movie.

Boy was I surprised! The movie does leap right into things without the background development of the main 'spaceship' or real character introductions, but to enjoy the movie, especially if you have any familiarity with the source cartoon, it really didn't hinder it that much. When the 'Yamamoto' took off and the special effects were introduced, I almost crapped my pants! It looked FANTASTIC!! Exactly like my 9 year old mind pictured as if it were brought to life!

This movie is FAR from Shakespeare, but for an action space romp, popcorn munching entertainment vehicle... it sure impressed me silly... especially compared to the dreck coming out of Hollywood these days.

If you have fond memories of 'Starblazers', this is a MUST SEE... even if you never saw the cartoon, I'd highly recommend this as a decent time waster.... you could do far worse!