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I'm back with the girls this time! Once again, beauty is subjective, so this list is in no particular order and I'm sure there are grievous amounts of women I've left off. I promise I've done my best, but I do apologize for inevitable snubs. At any rate, I hope you enjoy the actress installment.
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Beauty is subjective, and I find something attractive about each entry. This list is in no particular order, as I could no sooner choose the most beautiful man as I could the most beautiful star in the sky. This list is also somewhat limited, as I am not aware of every actor ever, as much as I'd like to be. Bear in mind that some of these men are not necessarily in the condition they once were. Also, as soon as I publish it, I'm sure I'll think of about a dozen others who should be posted as well. So I apologize in advance. But I hope you enjoy.