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Momentous Event In Film History!
8 September 2003
This masterpiece is nothing short of genius! I swear as God is my witness I honestly can't imagine why I haven't heard this film's praises sung from the day it was released. It melds the earthy, rough-hewn special effects of Doctor Who with the subtle cultural commentary of Orgazmo, and a touch of comic styling a'la Platoon thrown in just for good measure.

I won't delve too deeply into the plot here, since many of you haven't seen this work of art yet, but I can say that it is not an odiously long film, and the acting is top-notch. It whisks the viewer on a whirlwind journey from the Ukraine to Germany to Beijing to the farthest reaches of outer space on the backs of five heroes risking everything to save the planet Earth.

Tantalized? You should be. I *highly* recommend this film to everyone (even children), and would admonish readers not to trust any critic that says otherwise.
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