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Something fishy, 12 January 2004

Since this was the last mickey mouse short it made no sense for that bird to be in the finale scene as the cartoon closes. i liked the title song. On one of the disney videos "Canine Comando"i saw a small segment of this short. I enjoyed the music.

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a great short, 7 December 2003

I think this is the only short where The barnyard dog does not co star with Foghorn Leghorn. I like it when daffy calls the dog lassie. I find the plot where daffy is making noise in order to get porky's attention to the pluto cartoon 'Pantry Pirate'. I like the ending where the iris closes on daffys eye.

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A duck crooning a famous song, 6 December 2003

The song Donald sings is "When You Wish Upon A Star"however it is slightly different from the famous song we know today because donald Replaces the verse "Makes No Difference who you are" to "Shine in Right In From Afar. I saw this short many times on a home video. I have read other comments about this short and they said that the title should be "Daisy's Dilemma" and i agree with that. I don't think i saw donald loose his temper in this short.

Mail Dog (1947)
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A dog and a bunny but not bugs, 6 December 2003

I read another comment about this short and this is not flutter foots only apperance but he made a cameo in 'Primetive Pluto.' I saw this short many times on a home video,i rented it from blockbuster when i was a young lad and as a matter of fact i rented it so many times that i wore it out. My favorite part is seeing pluto turning from yellow to blue that also happened in several other shorts. I liked the ending music.

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A duck being harassed by two chipmunks, 6 December 2003

I like this short mainly for it's music and the title song. I just don't like the fact that the chipmunks are harassing donald the famous duck is just riding on his bike minding his own business and bingo just like that the chipmunks chip and dale start teasing the poor duck. The title song goes like this,"Daisy Daisy your the one that's got me captavated,everytime i look at you i get so aggravated,and when i'm riding along the street everybody that i mett is crazy over sweet daisy oh oh oh". The opening of this short shows a cameo by Goofy,Mickey and minnie.

Cured Duck (1945)
A duck trying to control his temer, 12 September 2003

This is a good short it teaches a lesson on how to control ones temper,in this short donald plays a cartoon teenager called KATIE KA-BOOM but does not say i am not over reacting i am a teenager nor does he transform into a monster also there is a scene where donald drives through a garage and on top of the garage there was a sign saying ACME very odd since that can be found in warner brother cartoons.

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another disney short starring that goofy bear, 12 September 2003

this is a great short it even had an opening theme that would be used for two cartoons,el gaucho goofy morris the midget moose and it should ring a bell to the ears of disney video collectors(like me) as that theme would late be used to open the walt disney cartoon classic videos.

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our favorite pup is out for a spring walk., 9 September 2003

i have seen this short on video and what really won me over(and this is true for many of the disney shorts)the wonderful wonderful music done by oliver wallace. i have seen this short on video since i was a little kid out of all the disney cartoons this is my favorite one. I grew up with this short. My favorite part in this short was when the catapiller turned into a female butterfly.