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Top movies for Hip People of Generation Y onwards. These are movies that someone from Gen Y would get a hold of and greatly appreciate and grow up with. who also enjoys films that are cerebral, artistic, intense, dense, worldly, thrilling, sentimental, logical, witty, or profound.

p.s. I ranked films that are well known in America so i haven't even considered a whole bunch of foreign films.

P.S. almost none of these movies have plot wholes
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the plot revovles around the meoris of Tim. Tim is a Afghanistan war vet that is constantly suffering from PTSD memories from the atrocities he had witnessed there but even more so the malicious acts that he and his squad had committed while trying to track down a lead target in a local Afghan village. the film is all memories he is trying to reconcile with. the memories are so vile that they keep haunting him. He is also the only member of his squad to come back alive. we will see what went down in the war z
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actors i plan to work with, also they're all pretty good actors