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Just That
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A List Of The 5 Best New Movies I've Seen This Week, All Of Which You've Probably Never Heard Of...
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The List Of DVD Movies I Own
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The List Of Blu-Ray Movies I Own
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A List Of Actors Who Were Once Very Big In Hollywood, But Then At Some Point Disappeared Without A Trace...
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In This Wild Media Age Men Are Being Encouraged To Get In Touch With Their Feelings, Think Like A Lady, And Be Whipped Into Getting Their Entertainment From Vampire Love Triangles, And Listening To Pop Music... But For The Real Men Out Their, Who Never Compromise, And Weren't "Born That Way", Here Is A List Of Films We Can Be Proud To Watch,
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It Is Rare To See A Movie In This Genre, And Even Rarer That It's Good. From My Recollection, These Are The Few Worth Mentioning.
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Just That
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5 More Mind Blowing Movies
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It's Always Going To Happen, When The Fountain Of Creativity Runs Dry, Classic Films Are Often Remade In An Attempt To Fill The Gap Until New Blood Arrives On Hollywood's Door Step. Some Are More Successful Than Their Predecessors, And Others Go Down In Flames... This List Is Of The Victors Between The Originals And The Remakes...
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There Will Always Be Incredibly Good Movies That Almost Nobody Has Seen, But I Hope To Find And Share As Many Of Them As I Can, Here Are The Ones I Have Found This Week
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You Know Those Celebrities, Who Are Just Straight Up Ugly, Dirty (In A Nasty Way), Or Both? Here Is A List Of The One's Any Man Would Second Guess The Chance To Sleep With...
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Well It's That Time Again, Where Out Of All The Garbage I Watch Each Week Comes 5 Elite Titles, Which I Have Never Seen Before Then, That I Believe Every Movie Lover Should Watch At Least Twice...
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In My Never Ending Quest For Great Movies, I Often Stumble Across Movies That I Wonder, "Why Have I Never Heard Of These?". I Now Present You With "My 5", The Best Movies I Have Seen For The First Time, This Week
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It's That Time Again, To Fill Out One Of These Stupid Lists With Even Stupider Movies...
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This List Goes In Order, From Best To Worst, And Only Features The Films He Did Worth Watching. This First Countdown Features The Former Secret Service Agent, Aikido Martial Style Expert, and 20 Year Jefferson Police Veteran, Steven Seagal
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Having Monsters Jumping Out Going Boo!, Isn't What Makes A Horror Film Scary, It's Original Ideas And Scenarios That Do, And Yes, Even Though They May Not Frighten You, They're Still The Closest Things I've Seen To True Horror...
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Once Again I Am Bored As F/ck, So Now I Am Going To Bore You With Another List Of Some Of The Biggest Abominations In Film I Have Ever Seen, Here They Are...
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It's Christmas, But That Doesn't Mean We Have To Settle For All Of This Mushy Sh/t In Our Movies...We're Men, So Let's Celebrate The Holiday's Our Way; With Booze, Babes and These Fine Christmas Films...
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10 Action Stars Who Ever Did One Good Film