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Bad acting, annoying characters, annoying music, 3 January 2005

This movie is mostly annoying.

Many scenes are unnecessarily prolonged. I started to skip ahead through the last half, and it became slightly more tolerable.

The dialog is stream of conscience, and mostly failed to contribute to the story. Maybe if I was thirteen it would be more entertaining.

Music plays throughout the entire movie, which comes off as a failed attempt at creativity. I love new filming techniques and what not, but this just didn't work for me. The music makes the entire movie feel like an intro or intermission scene. Maybe it is an attempt to disguise the bad acting.

To its credit, this would be a pretty good plot for a porno film.

Dogville (2003)
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Technically good, but boring, 13 October 2003

I really had the feeling of being at a play, instead of watching a movie. Besides that, the movie is almost unbearable to watch throughout, only to be retributed with the last 5-10 minutes. The acting is great, no argument there. However, the story is really slow I thought until the end. You spend over an hour building up anger towards the dogville citizens for their various atrocities. Maybe I have ADHD or something, but I basically only enjoyed the last 10 minutes. The rest was boring. (You might argue that I wouldn't have enjoyed the last 10 minutes if I hadn't watched the entire film, but if I had known that before, I may not have watched it.)