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Remakes are okay.. SOMETIMES! But, certain films you can not re-do. There style can not be copied or changed by new hot directors. Here we go.
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If they come out with a movie I will watch it, if there is a new movie in the works from them! I will keep track and updated. These are the directors who's work I fallow.
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Master of horror list? Gonna hear the same crap over and over! Nope! This has a Fresh Twist to it! We have the good.. And the bad! But! Entertaining! Get ready for the madness! (in order of who I was thinking of first)
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Seven Directors that I would love to see them make an Anthology together.
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These are some movies that go by the same writing style I do. And I really wish I could of made them before these mad men did! These are not just adaptations, there also just fresh out of these directors minds. And most I would change up a bit (or some just down right suck). So you Will see "Keep" as in keep the same, and "Change" as in change it up.
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When I meant list.. I meant this.. Not just writing one on face book.. Now the whole world can see it:D
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Not all remakes are bad, some do a good job at bringing old elements and elements the old ones did not touch. Soo, sit back and enjoy.