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I am a obsessive horror fan and have seen almost everything. So here's my list of ones you should watch. Most are different to the generic 'paranormal craptivity' type film.
- not in any order
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The best animated DC & Marvel movies/shows.
Sorted as DC then Marvel in no particular order.
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The best anime adventures!
Not in any order.
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Cartoons for the deranged, cartoons for the strange, cartoons for the soul, cartoons for us all.
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Not in any order but a list of the best films ever made.
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Not in any order. This is a list of my fav actors and a few actresses.
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I have seen many a horror movie so I thought I'd make a list of the one's that made me think 'Who financed that cack?" or 'who read this script and thought it was a good idea?"

Not in any order...
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