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Keeps me up all night, 20 July 2012

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The randomness, silliness and absurdness of the show can make you laugh till you can't breath and die. Absolutely one of the masterpieces of CollegeHumor. Also the reason why I have the weirdest crush on Amir Blumenfeld. It's about two coworkers (whose names are Jake and Amir, obviously) and the mostly platonic friendship between them. Amir is a character who is kind of... mentally challenged, but he bears secret talents too. Jake, on the other hand, is really smart and cool, compared to Amir, but he is secretly VERY insecure. He is Amir's one and only person whom he can call a "best friend". You can see Jake doesn't seem to respond to Amir in the same way, but he actually cares about him -- deep inside.