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Such Rubbish...., 8 May 2015

The tragedy about most movies in the last 20 years is that the scripts and acting mean nothing. It is all about CGI....and that is SO sad. This crap is just another example. If you like "Super-heroes" you may enjoy this. I dislike Super-heroes (perhaps ..because I have a brain) However--lots of people LOVE this kind of trash..Heath Ledger won an Oscar for his ridiculous performance...He was actually an above average actor, but this whole pile of nonsense was just...very bad. Batman or Superman ? Both are better in the magazines...The young folks who spend half their lives looking at their Smart-Phones (trying to work out how to use them !!) Will love a movie where you don't need to use your brain.

Troy (2004) Underrated Movie, 25 February 2015

Troy was one of those films that Professional reviewers scoffed at. Quotes like "Brad Pitts accent sounds ridiculous Etc" I don't like many CGI movies, but this is one of the better ones. Pitt is just fine as Achilles & the acting is generally convincing. The script (like all modern scripts) is not fantastic.....but better than most. I don't think it would be inappropriate to take the children along to see this little piece of history. A brave decision to make this...And it works pretty well. Historical movies are difficult to This 2004 film may be highly appreciated in years to come--When CGI takes over completely --and--actors are replaced by better versions of themselves. "Its the way of the future"

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De Caprio.....Fails....Movie....Fails, 1 January 2015

This should have been better.....I see this still scores 7.5 on IMDb.....Which is a little amazing. It is only an average flick with Scorsese not at his best ( He was only a very few times "at his best") Cate Blanchet over-acts so blatantly She had to win the Oscar.... De Caprio trys his best but he is a trillion miles from.....The guy he is supposed to be This is really not a 7.5 movie....It is a movie where the main character is played by a Non--Entity Who never GOT the character......And so the movie is so not 7.5 Lots of people see Scorsese movies Because they think they may see a Taxi Driver...or a Good Fellas ,,,,,

Killers (2010)
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Shockingly BAD..............., 15 May 2014

Its pretty amazing that bad movies like this...DO make money. I have never seen Ashton Kutcher in a movie (only on terrible T.V. Sitcoms) Here-- he is more wooden than a Redwood tree...Really quite shocking. These date (or chick) movies are turned out with amazing regularity ...some people call them rom-coms.. I call them rubbish when I am in a good mood. It always looks like is taking it seriously --so there is no acting Just B & C grade actors not caring. Perhaps they know this kind of stuff does not require any acting. Funny ?? If you are looking for a funny movie do not watch this --The story is appalling And the whole shebang is so limp. Cant believe people watch this kind of crap......

Dead Calm (1989)
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Are You Feeling Sleepy....?.....this is better than....valium, 20 March 2014

A 96 minute Australian "thriller".......that feels much longer. Perhaps its because it is boring and predictable. The 3 main characters...played by Billy Zane--Nicole Kidman and Sam Neil ...need to convince us about the perils of a psychopath being on a private yacht ...and the thrills that follow. They don't. The Zane character...struggles to play a zombie...who can be outwitted by a simple girl. The simple girl is unbelievably resourceful. OH YES. She is ....a sort of Bond/Bourne....person...facing up to the moron (Billy Zane). Zanes performance was over played. She is incredibly....incredible. The movie gets an over-all score (by IMDb)....of 6.8. That is very charitable........It is only 4 in my estimation.....

Dreadful copy......of a very funny British comedy, 18 March 2014

The big question is...Why on earth did the Americans try to copy a British movie...which was quintessentially British? Its a bit like the British doing a remake of The Godfather. Anyway...this movie is quite simply terrible. Loud and crass...(very American) with all the subtlety of a monkey in a pottery shop ..with a sledge-hammer. One American reviewer said "almost as good as The Hangover". Ummm YES That's the problem. The Hangover (a huge success in America) is loud and crass too...nothing else. American "humour" is very different from any other countries. (Its uniquely not funny). The days of The Marx Brothers are long gone. Chris Rock is probably the luckiest "funny guy" in the world. Simply ...he has never been funny. And gets worse as time goes on. One day a funny U.S.A. movie will be made. We just need to be patient.............................After all America is a great country. I particularly like the New England area.

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Fantastic.............Movie, 13 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most "experts" this an anti war movie. But it is much more than that. Here we have the top brass of an army who are very willing to sacrifice their soldiers for there egos...and political gain. It is 1916 (the First World War) and the French are under pressure to take ground from the enemy. The task they are totally impossible. Here we see the very worst and the very best of humanity. Nobility had no place in the hellish trench war-fare of this war. Yet it was there. Kirk Douglas plays the good in the human race. But the evil... (the Hierarchy of his own Countries Generals)...are evil...and much more. Willing to execute there own men...even fire apon them in the the madness of conflict. This is a movie about what lies in us all...GOOD & EVIL. It is also the best ever movie about the complete madness of war. Because of the disturbing reality of this can only be viewed...occasionally.

The Mask (1994)
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A movie that is.....NOT....funny....But is Boring........., 8 March 2014

I have never watched "The Mask". Made in 1994, this was quite a big its I keep being told by my...not so bright friends. After watching it ,,,for the first time...I have to say , it is garbage. The whole thing is ridiculous...and never funny. The pedestrian ..."special effects"...are not really special. Jim Carrey made a mistake when he got involved with this rubbish. Later in his career he did better Liar Liar..and other funny and also serious movies. The people who enjoy this type of movie...are the kind of hombres...I never want to meet. If one can laugh at this drivel may be dangerous. (in a psychiatric way.) Some things work.......The Mask does not work............

Cellular (2004)
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Are Fast Paced Thrillers Your Thing ..?..Watch This......, 24 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is now 10 years old....Wow-----time flies. If you like really fast paced thrillers, and your not into Checkov...this could be your movie. The name of this above average flick could have been..."101 uses for your mobile phone". This does for Cellular Phones ...what Chocolat did for Chocolate. It is real edge of the seat stuff, and once you start on this zany ride...the credits are where your getting off. The story is good...although most people will guess the end about 21 minutes and 41 seconds before the end. However it is impossible to criticize a film with so much energy...which is well directed and pretty well acted. One may say it is way over the top...and it could never happen in real life. Both of those points are true......but we do go to Cinemas to be entertained....don't we...???

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Super....trash, 9 February 2014

There are only 2,349 IMDb reviews of this movie. I think it needs another one. Brandon Routh , who plays Superman does not get the character all. At certain times during this movie...he appears more wooden than a dinner table. When the team who made this were watching this....for the first time....what made them think the public would buy this pile of incompetence ? Routh as Clark Kent was pretty good , but when he had that cape on....he turned to stone. If it is strictly C.G.I. that turns you on, you may like this. If you enjoy a little original dialogue not even think about it. Like all recent super--hero films, it relies completely on the entertain ??

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