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Arthur is a total Nightmare for sure!!!!, 4 March 2012

Okay so as you all may know by now that Arthur is first of all not a show made or intended for kids, It's not really nice and promotes bullying and violence, Second this show in my opinion does not get a 10 but instead a 1 because for being so violent and yet awful as usual. Third i don't ever plan to watch this show and because of the fact that it's really adult in nature, When seeing this show on TV, My sister and me saw Arthur's big hit, Of course it starts out innocent enough in the beginning at least, But then while still continuing to watch it. It switched to a violent part so we thought that it was not okay and had to turn it off.

Arthur is a show that does not need to be watched in order to understand what it's about, Because this show is just beyond violent, It's also boring and you won't get too much watching it to know what it really has in it, The story is boring and they could have done a lot better on it, That's one thing for sure, The second thing that the producers and the studio could have done is that they could have took out all the violent parts and adult humor from the show and they could have had it removed, Because young children cannot really understand the jokes they make in this show because it's not designed for them.

The most important thing i must say is that the horrible director Greg Baily, Now when you know that he first made the show in a way that it's kind of violent, Then you will surely know that it's trouble, The director deserves not to make this garbage anymore because you know how awful it's gonna get, And because the main thing he puts in this TV show is violent content in it, Not even kids want to watch it, Like Joel Schumacher who ruined a great Batman franchise, Greg Baily only makes it looks like a joke for sure, He seriously should have been fired and should have been told not to keep making this horrible stuff, But instead he does not listen and decides to do it anyways to make the audience angry, This show in my case deserves not to be watched in any way possible or even if you attempt to sneak with it and then watch it by yourself, This show does not deserve respect or credit and is really boring to watch, Not only does it get worse from there, But also because of the adult jokes and humor thrown into it, This stuff is purely made for adults and yes don't think that you can take your kids to see this stuff without permission and because bullying is not educational at all, This show does not even deserve to be watched by anyone who is a big fan of it. If you want to see something better then see Peanuts, Or Rudolph-The Red Nosed Reindeer but just please don't see this show, It does not even deserve to be a classic nor does it deserve respect, It should have been taken and then banned so that kids could never watch it at all,

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Batman Arkham City Is The Best Game out There, 9 February 2012

Rocksteady has always given us a dark perspective of The Dark Knight. And as always their first Batman Arkham Asylum video game which i played was just amazing. Not only can you fight criminals or throw batarangs at them. But also in this game you get to interrogate them for information. But Rocksteady did a good job on this again in bringing it back.

If you are a fan of Batman Arkham Asylum which is the first game that i played and enjoyed forever, Then you are definitely going to love Batman Arkham City. This game in all it's glory is fun, Intreasting, And really dark like the first game was. And this game combines more intense action and a whole brand new story as you fight The Joker's henchmen and more in this game.

Criminals have escaped Blackgate Prison and now they are on the loose. The citizens of Gotham City are terrifed and there is only one man who can bring them all down which is The Dark Knight. Batman must work on his own to help the innocent citizens and must bring down this new threat once and for all.

There is a lot that Rocksteady Studios brought back to this new game. Like for example. The story was very good and at times was fast paced so that it moved along with the game. And as you progress the story moves along because recently it's all part of the game. In the first game, The story was the same and moved along pretty well. But in this game it continues to move along when you are doing a side mission or exploring no matter what you are doing.

Also you get side missions and you also have to collect The Riddler trophies in each level. Of course being that, The trophies have achievements and your goal is to collect them all in order to surprise The Riddler himself and stop him. But mostly if you collect all the trophies required in each level. Then you get to go to the bonus level with Riddler included in it. How fun is that! Also this game has great new free flowing combat that Batman can use and can attack his enemies more faster. Sometimes you can use weapons and gadgets to sometimes dodge an attack and you will have to stop the enemies that are after you. Plus Batman can kick, Punch, Or take down an enemy with one attack. This is what you should do in the game if there is more then one enemy after you and you must stun them. Plus Robin and Catwoman and Nightwing can do the same attacks as well if you do it correctly in order to block their attacks.

But this game does have playable characters. There is Catwomen, Nightwing, Robin, And of course the caped crusader Batman, You can easily play as one of them and as you navigate your character through certain levels. You are sure to have a fun time in beating the enemies or attacking them. But mostly what you can also do is you can beat your enemy and take them down with one attack and that's how it works well.

There are certain boss fights here. But you get a lot since this game does have so many. You have to fight Solomon Grundy and must take him down. And then when the Penguin comes after you. Then you must also avoid his attacks and take him down. But also the same with Ras Al Ghul and of course Clayface. Each boss fight will be difficult so it will be harder to beat them in time.

Also this game does have new enemies including Harley Quinn, The Joker, The Penguin, Mr Freeze, Clayface, And of course Solomon Grundy. This game introduces you to many new enemies that you have not seen before and really i gotta say. This is just amazing since we never saw them before for quite a while.

Also this game does have amazing voice talents and voicing. Mark Hamill voices The Joker very nicely and who can expect this. Mark Hamill is just amazing at his voicing as The Joker in the game and it just makes him more creepy. Also Nolan North as The Penguin is just awesome. He does a great job voicing The Penguin and his talent is awesome. And also more.

Also the graphics and also they look more realistic. And also the characters look good here too as well.

A great game by Rocksteady. You should get this, The best game of 2011 ever.

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Uncharted Drake's Deception is the best game ever, 7 February 2012

Naughty Dog promised us something far more spectacular and fantastic. And as they did alone came the new game that everyone was excited for was Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception. This game proved to be a very great stealth based game and was more that Naughty Dog could deliver to it's gamers.

Uncharted Drake's Deception is the best game of 2011. If you have not yet played it before it is fantastic. The story deals with how Nathan Drake is going on his new quest. Possibly so that he can explore and find out what's happening. Alone the way he meets someone named Victor Sullivan who becomes his friend later on and they both find out what's happening. Meanwhile Atlantis and it's terrible leaders could mean trouble for the 2. So they must find Atlantis Of The Sands or else they won't make it.

This game has an amazing story that takes you throughout the game. It's fast packed and is full of action. From all points. You get to discover how great the story moves nicely along as you play the game even further which is just amazing.

This game also not to mention has great graphics and has great stealth that you can use to dodge the enemy's attacks and also shoot them or grab their weapons when they are defeated which is a neat feature. But also you can snap their neck. Grab them and throw them off tall ledges. And also shoot at them with any weapon of your choice. But also to note is that they get a lot smarter and try to stop you so it's always important to duck and or dodge the attack in case it happens.

Also this game has better looking graphics and looks better then the previous both games. Also they look much realistic here and the characters as well. But also the sand and of course all of the enemies which look really realistic compared to both of the other games in it's predecessor. It just makes this game more better looking and more realistic compared to the other games in the trilogy.

Also there's this really cool feature where you get to punch enemies and fight with them. Of course in boss fights you need to press each key to make the main character fight him off. And of course as you progress the fights will keep getting intense and really hard just after a few minutes. So what you need to do in each order is press the keys as you are told to do and then you will either kick the enemy or punch him depending on how you decide to fight him off your back. This feature is brand new and of course is something that you will need to learn once you get the hang of the game. It will get difficult as it progresses but you will learn it pretty soon.

Also this game has plenty of brand new levels and just like Batman Arkham City, These levels will get hard as you keep going through them trying to figure out what your objective is and what task you need to complete. Although these levels will not seem all too easy for the player. They will get extremely hard for you as you manage to complete the task. So not only will you get through further throughout the game. But also because you will need to kill enemies in order to pass that same level so you won't be getting any trouble to complete it at all.

If you are a fan of Uncharted then get this game. It's the best action game of 2011 and you will not be disappointed with it at all. This game is just a great game for the fans or gamers who wanna play it. This game also has amazing graphics and a great action fast paced story through it.

Jason X (2001)
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Jason X Is Not even Entertaining, 6 February 2012

Again another good film ruined by James Isaac who took this from the original Friday The 13th franchise and ruined this for everybody.

Since it came out, It was horrible. The film itself was not that great and also was not even scary at all.

Evil Gets An Upgrade In the future a group of scientists decide to find Camp Crystal Lake hoping to study it closely. Upon knowing it they find Jason Voorhees and try to take him back to do some research about him and why he cannot be stopped. And because the Earth is contaminated and is inihatible. They take him aboard a spaceship to study him. Meanwhile a young scientist named Rowan decides to study Jason Voorhees and see if he's alive in one of the pods. But turns out that he awakes and gets out of the pod using his machete. But then both get frozen in the process.

Now in the year 2455 Earth has become polluted to support life and humanity has moved to a new planet which is closest to all the other solar systems. Meanwhile a group of students find both Rowan and Jason frozen at the Camp Crystal Facility and try to get both frozen bodies onto their spaceship and after having moved to Earth 2. The students examine both bodies and put them in pods after finding out what happened. Later they examine and start unfreezing Rowan and tell her about what has happened to her. But then Jason is ressuracted and starts killing everybody on board of the ship while going on his killing spree.

Now the first thing i would have to say is why would this take place in outer space. Because that's what the producers wanted it to take place there or maybe even take place on board the spaceship. Either way it's weird. Also why does Jason get an upgrade in this film, He is like normal in the Friday The 13th franchise. But in this movie he looks like a cyborg and a robot, And also his machete looks newer and better then his old one for some reason. I mean why was his machete upgraded and what happened. I don't get this either and for some reason what's with the mask. It just changes in every Friday The 13th film and that's it but for some reason this mask is new. Better, And is a lot more metal looking then his previous hockey mask. Could they have even managed to bring back the hockey mask from the previous films and put it on him. Wow talk about how bad the mask is, Also this movie does have a good amount of graphic killings like where Jason keeps killing and stabbing everybody on board with his machete while unleashing terror on Rowan and of course her friends. But also let's not forget how he kills also other people by also snapping their backs and of course stabbing them in the stomach which is just awful. It's not even scary and how pathetic can it really get when he just kills without warning and his victims make jokes. That is really not what it's about and besides the crew members on the ship never make any jokes when they are killed and the scares as you could say are just horrible because they don't scare their audience.

The special effects in this film are just plain boring. From all the outer space scenes, It seems that the camera always manages to focus from one thing to another and it just keeps doing the same thing just to make everybody mad. And besides it's really cheesy because that's what they do that makes it awful.

Also Kane Hodder was amazing as Jason Voorhees and he deserves the most credit. But in this film he does kill and yes of course that's what he does. And honestly he deserves the most respect because he was a great actor in this film and his talent and performance were spectacular here as well.

But also the cast was just plain horrible. They never acted very well and certainly never did good too. Like the android who tries to kill Jason by shooting at him which never works out too well and she gets killed later on and the crew members don't react all too well in these situations. They just always play childish games and always make horrible jokes just to make you bored. Plus those jokes are cheesy and are not too funny at all as they just don't make them sound funny. Rowan on the other hand tries to stop Jason but he tries to kill her and also the other crew members get their backs broken. And their stomachs are stabbed by Jason's machete which kills them. They never react to well to situations and are the worst at acting and their performance as you could say is just plain horrible.

Also the script looks as if was done by some the studio on purpose. It is just horrible to read and also is really horrible in my opinion. This film's script is very awful to read and in my case just plain ordinary. Also the script sounds if it was just horribly made and not the best way to read or even try to make it. They could have made the script a lot better then being garbage.

This film is just plain junk, It's not scary, It's not creepy or disturbing, But it is very bloody and violent. And although Kane Hodder was amazing in this film. The film itself is just plain horrible and is ruined by yet James Isaac. So i advise you to please not watch this in the theaters and please don't spend your money to see this garbage. Trust me save your time and money but don't go out to see a horrible film that you will not enjoy.

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Who would make this film, It's beyond horrible, 5 February 2012

I don't know why someone would take something good and ruin it. But i know that when this movie came out it was just beyond horrible. Nobody enjoyed it and walked out.

Now again the directors manage to take the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise once again and ruin it with a new remake just when it could not get any worse then that. Still being that. The film is worse and because it has a new actor Jackie Earle Haley. I mean c'mon we could have got Robert England instead. But no he plays as the new Freddy Krueger in this film who kills people talk about being horrible.

Jessie and his other friends are being stalked by the man who kills them in their sleep and in reality it turns out to be real. When each of them are killed. They must do something to prevent this new menace from killing them as well. So they set up a plan that whoever stays awake the most will not be killed in their dreams. But whoever does not stay awake will be killed by the madman. Now it's up to Jessie's other friends to stop him.

Not only is this movie horrible. It just fails to scare anybody in any way possible. It's pathetic how Robert England is replaced with Jackie Earle Haley which makes him the worst actor ever. And even though that he slashes his victims with his razor claws and speaking of dreams. I don't know how this Freddy Krueger even was in this movie. His voice was just sounding so childish and lame that nobody would even like it. Now he acts as if nothing happened. And even though Jackie Earle Haley is in this film. He failed so bad that his talent and performance may be long gone and that he may never act again.

Although this film is intended for adults. It is definitely not aimed towards kids because of the strong language and violent content. That means that Freddy Krueger kills his victims without warning and he also kills them in violent ways. And talk about that he just kills his victims and does not react in the situation at all.

The script is poorly written as if it was written by someone else. It does not mean anything nor does it even do anything at all. Samuel Bayer could have made the script stand out and be understandable for everyone to read. But while that's not surprising he is not the best director and is the worst i have ever heard of. He also could have brought the original Freddy we all know and love back from the original films and put him into this. Otherwise the script and this film takes time out of the film all together with it being so lame that you won't be able to watch it.

Although speaking of which. Samuel Bayer ruined the series of a Nightmare On Elm Street films by taking such a good film and giving it an actor that is not important nor does he act good. He is plain horrible and it does not make the film by any means better.

I'm sorry to say why he took such a good film and ruined the franchise. But he should have never done it, I mean every character's performance and talent as you could say was worse then ever. And because of the fact that some scenes were too cheesy to be even scary. Besides this film should not have been made and as a remake it can only get worse.

So i advise you, Please do not see this movie and save your money, This movie just points out that it's not a great film after all. Also please do not see this in the theater you will be disappointed.

Plus the dreams in this film were not scary and just pointless to watch. This is nothing like the original Nightmare On Elm Street franchise with Robert England as Freddy Krueger and besides this film totally ruins the franchise. Sure it's dark and really violent but if you are gonna watch a better film. Then totally see the original Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, This film just proves that it's both lame and dumb. And that Jackie Earle Haley's makeup here was applied by some makeup artists who don't know how scary he was for sure. This new Freddy Kruger also talks like in a raspy voice like Batman from The Dark Knight. I guarantee that even the slightest Freddy fans will be disappointed with this lame remake that has got nothing to do with Robert England. I don't even know what they were thinking when they cast a new actor to play the role of Freddy Krueger. Either way this movie does not set a good tone and neither does this film manage to please.

Plus the scene where both girls sing the song 1. 2. Freddy's coming for you with the jumprope is terrible and completely ruined by this new Freddy. Of course why would someone have to admit how bad Jackie Earle Haley did in this film. It's not like they can take a good movie and add the worst part that is Freddy of course.

But mostly it's something that has to do with Freddy's voice here and his lame jokes. Of course Nightmare On Elm Street fans will be disappointed that this Freddy Krueger does not make any jokes nor is he trying to impress or be funny to people. But also completely because his voice sounds like he has a sore throat and also sounds raspy just like Batman's voice does. But that's mostly having to do with because it's annoying to listen to and will annoy you forever. Robert England's Freddy Kruger's voice did not sound like this at all.

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Really bad, Silly, Bad plot, Story, Concept, Animation, And of course Jokes,, 5 February 2012

Now many would explain how Arthur the TV show managed to air. Well it's been since 2 years and the show has gotten popular and watched a lot. By demand people watch it everyday with their kids and really like learning about it. But that's now all changed because Arthur turned into something awful.

Well that's why I'm here to explain about why you should not let your kids watch this show. And i have got a lot of reasons why.

- First the show has bullying. Arthur and D.W fight a lot, And because they are not best friends anymore. You will hear pouting and shouting, And yelling at each other the first time you see it. - Second the show has violence like the scene where Arthur punches his sister D.W for destroying his paper model airplane that he's been working hard on for such a long time. Kids won't get how he gets grounded either by his parents. - Third because the show has a lot of adult humor in it and if that's not enough. Just wait until you hear some jokes regarding about different things.

So i don't really know who has to put up with this garbage. Maybe the studio or producers. But not me because i know their secret. And because the show lastly does have violent content. It's hard to describe how such a violent show brainswashs the little toddlers and children into seeing it.

There are a few things that i should explain to you here about. Now i know that this TV show is not as different. But yet it still is violent and that too is because the show does not provide messages that are positive or helpful. So every parent's worst nightmare would have to be violence and bullying. If nothing else.

But mostly i am here to talk about the show so let's be honest. I saw this show a long time ago and did not like what i saw in it. The whole Arthur hitting his sister thing was just out of hand and we had to turn it off. Looks like that scene though was violent when his sister wrecked the plane on purpose and his parents found out and grounded him for a week. Well that's what he gets and i don't have anything to say to him about his punishment at all. But although this junk is just plain ordinary. Everyone gets it and stop ruining this,

Also since i grew up, This show became a lot childish to me and become my least favorite. It's not my favorite anymore and since seeing it the first time. I cannot say that it was a great show. It's not and trust me because when i say this show is not my favorite. I really mean it, Not to be confused with what each character does in the show.

Now i have to say that i give the studio blame and Greg Baily for directing it just for becoming rich off money but also Marc Brown for doing this also. Not only is it a mistake in the first place but also becomes boring for a few minutes because you don't know what each character says. It could have been made better. Maybe cut out a few violent parts. But no they never listen and continue to do this to make the audience mad. Well that is really something that i would not consider nice at all. No matter what they say about it. It still is plain horrible. I don't really know what they were thinking when they made this either. It was just really horrible.

Also the adult humor is thrown into this. I can't believe that even directors would put jokes and adult stuff into a kid's show. There is a lot going on and they put these jokes because of both The Hangover and Due Date and that's completely different but i'm not gonna go into that. The problem is that kids won't be able to understand the adult humor in this show neither what any jokes are bad too. I am sorry to say this but completely all together they just do not like it either.

Of course the show is beyond Lame, It is completely just all plain boring. Plus you have to sit around 3 minutes while watching the show to know what happens in the next part. Either way this just takes time off your life. And even if you never saw the show before i would just suggest or advise you not to watch it. The characters fight, The script is horrible, The studio is to blame, And the things in this just make it plain boring. Any kids would beg you not to let them see this because of how horrible it can become at times.

Again you do not need to see this show just to know what it's about. I'm telling you that parents need to take caution about taking their kids to see this show. It does not promote education nor entertains and just continues to be horrible all along. Still do not waste your money or your time just to watch a boring TV show that nobody will wanna watch. Plus it's not even worth watching because of what it has. I'm sorry to say but this show beyond horrible is plain awful. Seriously it should be for Adults and grownups and not for kids. Again i don't know who came up with this idea but i do not want children seeing or watching this.

2012 Doomsday (2008) (V)
Another horrible film which is not all that great,, 5 February 2012

There were times when 2012 would be the end of the world, There were times when the Mayans predicted the end of the Mayan calender. And there were times when Harold Camping would predict the Apocalypse on both October 21st and May 21st as Judgement Day. But none came true after he was a lier and people stopped following him. But the Mayans never said the world would end but that a new age and beginning would happen and the world would change.

2012 as i have mentioned was ruined by that same director Roland Emmerich who ruined another movie 2012 Doomsday. Well let me tell you why, He wants to make so much money and wants to become rich. Well he won't and no matter how hard he tries he just keeps making the same garbage only to make you bored later on.

This is a horrible film by far and also explains about the Mayan calender and about the end of the world again. Seriously why does he keep coming up with these theory's and prophices. They are not true, They are make believe and just a fairy tale.

Just think about how horrible the plot is, How awful the story is, And how horrible this film is all together. Now you know why and that is the reason why Roland Emmerich will never succeed no matter how hard he tries to make a film.

There were times when Roland Emmerich used to make such great films, But now he does not do it anymore and it's too bad because he's the only one who keeps coming up with this garbage in his head. And no matter how true the end of the world seems. It's false.

Of course nobody said the world would end. Not even the Mayans. But who could think that one director Roland Emmerich makes a movie so bad that he does it on purpose for fun. Well he is not and to tell you the truth his movie 2012 was just horrible and pure garbage which i'm not gonna go into and now this film. Seriously Roland Emmerich you can take a film and seriously ruin it for everybody else including the audience. Well that's not going to happen.

Again he messes up everything with pure garbage and this is his last film about Doomsday happening. Seriously the 2012 Doomsday is junk and so is this. No wonder why so many people hate this movie. And that my only guess would be why he could take such a movie and then throw this Doomsday stuff just to make his viewers angry. Well the same can be said for this ridiculous film and it's just not a good one.

Plus the jokes nor are funny here and no puns either. Because Roland Emmerich makes it super intense and he does not want jokes involved. But still this movie is pure junk and it's not even funny. It's just sad and tragic how he could possibly do this on his own and make people hate him for it. That's one thing for sure.

Also i don't like how the soundtrack sounds. It's not funny but plain sad. Normally if Roland Emmerich never made this film in the first place everything would be fine but he keeps remaking the same thing all over again. What is it that he has to keep doing the same garbage twice.

Also why bother with making this remake in the first place if he was just going to make something else. He did not bother even making anything after this film. And i can tell you that it's pure garbage. For once Roland Emmerich's film is not a good movie or tale. Plus the film has a horrible cast, Plot, Story, And acting and the performance the actors do in this film is just horrible, Also why bother doing the same garbage when you are going to just toss this movie out. Roland Emmerich makes this look like a big deal when it's not. Get over it and quit making such ridiculous films. Nobody is going to watch them at all.

Don't even bother spending your money on this junk. Why waste your money on this when you don't even wanna see it. Save your time and your money together. But just don't go out expecting a better film because you won't be able to get it. Roland Emmerich's 2012 Doomsday film is just lame and boring and is a piece of junk that nobody will understand, Nor have to put up with or watch. This remake will also make you want to end up throwing it in the trash and besides when he does the same thing. He is making everyone feel bad and this movie proves it among all exceptions.

So i advise you to please not watch this movie because you will only get trouble from watching too much of it. And instead watch a better film like something else. But just don't go seeing this horrible film because it's not all that great. But don't expect anything here that proves to be better as it's not going to be in the end. So please do not see this and don't waste your money or plan on seeing this.

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Batman Forever is a great film, Great plot, And better story,, 5 February 2012

When i had exceptions to see a Batman flick. I wanted to but that awful Batman & Robin franchise which was ruined by Joel Schumacher was not my favorite anymore. Despite the certain changes and lame dialoge in it. But when i had a chance. I saw Batman Forever with my sister and it was awesome.

Batman Forever is a completely different Batman film not because of the way it's made or designed. But because of the way there is no jokes involved and of course how good it really is. But the way Joel Schumacher did this movie is great. I give him praise and respect for being a great director. Plus the script as i would say would count at least for this film too.

But most importantly we have both new villains here and one is The Riddler played by (Jim Carrey) and the other is Two-Face played by (Tommy Lee Jones) and next we have Batman played by (Val Kilmer) and of course Robin played by (Chris O' Donnell) Of course Val Kilmer is better then George Clooney was in Batman & Robin. And who could forget that actor anyways. Trying to be better then Val Kilmer. Well i have 2 words for George Clooney, He is not better, Nor does his performance entertain. It's horrible and because Val Kilmer is better then him I'm not gonna talk about George Clooney anymore or Batgirl for that matter.

The Riddler and Two-Face are loose in Gotham City. Batman and his sidekick Robin must stop them before they escape. However The Riddler is obsessed with riddles and Two-Face must exact his revenge on the city. With their plans and challenges for the heroes Batman and Robin. Nothing is gonna stop them and they will make both heroes pay.

This film's special effects are awesome, A lot of times we don't get to see what actually happens. But then there is something going on. And the CGI was awesome too like in the fight scenes which totally makes this film a great film in my case. So apparently nothing is missing from the effects so it's all good. Because i like it that way.

Two-Face played by Tommy Lee Jones in this film is scary, Yet violent, In this film he deals with both justice and revenge against the boy wonder and in a way. Robin the boy wonder wants his revenge on Two-Face but yet confusing here is that Two-Face has henchmen at his side who wear the same red and black Two-Face masks. I don't get it. Does it simply mean that they were burned or did they really have to wear them. Also why do they use guns that look like lazers. I don't get this either, Is it like they could zap someone with them like Batman or the boy wonder Robin. Because that is some evil henchmen that Two-Face has got.

Also The Riddler played by Jim Carrey is indeed among funny. He has starred in movies like Ace Ventura Pet Detective, The Truman Show, And many more of his films. He recently did a good job in Batman Returns because he would always give people riddles and questions about how evil he is and what he's thinking. So he is smart and he does want to get rid of Batman in order to become evil. But what will it take him and why. That's only up to someone to decide weather his plan will be put into action or not. But still it's amazing too.

Also this film has funny scenes all throughout it. Like some where Batman is taking out the bad guys and also hurting the henchman is amazing and is something to laugh at.

Also if you are a fan then get Batman Forever, A great film for the Budget! Yet this is the best Batman film out there from Joel Schumacher and better then Batman & Robin. A great storyline, Plot, And concept makes this the ultimate film to see of all time.

2012 (2009/I)
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2012 End Of The World Is Fake, 5 February 2012

Now i know what you are thinking and it's not great. But still i wanna talk about why people think this movie has something to do with the end of the world.

There were many times when people had to see a film to understand what kind of disaster would strike in 2012. They keep watching the same thing and purely it keeps getting old. But nothing like this movie is and it just explains why the Mayans never were correct about the end but that a new age and beginning would happen.

Then the same explains why Harold Camping's predictions have so far failed and why his followers left him. There is a lot going on right now. But perhaps this film made by some producers about the end is just false. Don't believe them as that is all lies.

Anyways Roland Emmerich's movie 2012 tells about the story about the only survivors and how the Mayan calender explained the end of times, You may remember that in the bible that the world was going to end on 2012. But they were wrong yet again because this film just gives you a look at why the Earth's destruction is very scary and why it might happen.

And that's because it focuses on the main theme about the end coming. So Roland Emmerich not only managed to make this film plain horrible. But he also gave it the end of the world sort of theme added to it. Seriously a disaster film about the end of the world is just make-believe. Never fear what you see in this film because it's not going to happen and always face your fears because nothing will make you afraid.

The music is also not that great either and is just cheesy and is plain silly. But because of how awful and horrible it really is. I'm not gonna go into that.

Also some of the scenes with Cusack are yet silly when watching them. Because each scene has a suspenseful feel to it and they try to leave because the world is ending. It won't happen and because of that i have to say it's just plain horrible and just garbage.

Also the puns nor jokes here are funny, You don't get to see characters like Cusack make many jokes here and this movie is not funny. It's just tragic and very sad, The same goes for it's theme because the film has that happening. Although the same could be said when Mr Roland wanted to make his film really suspenseful. Plus a disaster film can't have things like to scare you.

Again there is a lot of dialogue and characters repeat it. Sometimes you will hear many phrases that they say so they express it better. But that does not add to the fact that it's horrible because of these theory's and this made up fairy tale about the end of the world. I can tell you that 2012 is not the end. They just made it up.

To tell you the truth, Roland Emmerich as both the script writer and director at this movie made this his imagination. He was the director of both Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. But sadly he destroyed it with 2012. Seriously i don't even wanna say how horrible he was with this film and how he mentions the apocalypse. Seriously does he really believe this to be true. I don't think so and because he just cannot stop talking about this fairy tale either.

Seriously the apocalypse is not happening. That's one thing for sure and because the world is changing. It's not ending in any way possible. But people who believe that it's true are lier's and they only made this worse by directing this film. C'Mon what's up with that because next time you will stop making horrible films like this Roland Emmerich. This movie is horrible and you are becoming rich off it. Stop trying to predict these prophecies as they are not true.

Also one last thing i have to say is that the story is horrible. - The actors were good but their performances were awful. The prophecies of the Mayan calender and more disasters here are not important. And also the plot and also the lame scenes.

This is a waste of your time and is completely garbage. So save your money and your time by not spending it on this junk. Apparently this deserves to be in the trash once thrown out. You will not even enjoy the stuff that this film has like disasters or people getting hurt. This movie is not enjoyable and is just is a big pile of complete piece of garbage. So if you were rooting for this film, Then don't go out seeing it because this film makes you want to throw it away never seeing it again.

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Arthur is purely Garbage, This show is Really horrible and fails to entertain it's viewers., 5 February 2012

There were some times when Arthur first aired on TV for quite a while now. Now they just release out new episodes with the same garbage and same old aardvark which is Arthur.

So right now before i go into discussing about this show. I wanna tell you that when i was a child i first saw Arthur on TV. No joke but then we had to turn it off because it was not appropriate. Now it becomes boring and most recently it's horrible due to the bullying.

Kids are not to learn any of the bullying or violence from this show. And it goes on to say why is this TV Show really bad. I will tell you why. First off Arthur TV Show is just horrible to watch. Second it's a show that has nothing appropriate. And third the show promotes violence and has psychical content that i think has gone too far.

The reason why this TV show fails to entertain it's audience is because of what kind of content it really has. Of course speaking of which, This show is like beyond horrible and is your worst nightmare yet. There is a lot going on and kids will not be able to understand from their point of view about Arthur and his sister D.W. and how they used to be friends until they changed quite a bit. And they fight a lot now.

Also the TV show has a lot of bullying where Arthur yells at his sister D.W. and she starts yelling at him too. But the reason why I'm saying this is because most parents will know that none of this stuff is purely made for kids. Sure there is some violence and bullying used in this show. But by all means there is a lot of shoving, Pushing, And fighting, This show was meant to be broadcasted only for Adults. And also i do blame Arthur because when he meant to hit his sister, He means that she destroyed his paper model airplane on purpose and he hit her. Now that is horrible right there.

Also missing from the point of value is education and learning. And Arthur does not promote that here. - Here the story is a lot different because Arthur indeed shows how violent he really is when somebody decides to mess up or torment his stuff all the way. And we never get to see it. But education and learning is another thing that goes beyond my point of value. So unless there was education and learning and it made it educational then of course i would watch it. But I'm not gonna volunteer to watch something boring on TV that is just getting old and really not my favorite anymore.

Though i need to be honest and clear about this show. It really makes me angry. Plus the reason behind is that some director named Greg Baily actually directed this and ruined it for everybody due to it's content. Get over it Greg Baily, I had enough of you directing these episodes. It's time to stop. And also Marc Brown too must stop doing this. Because Greg Baily ruined this entire series because he was rich. So that points to the fact that he can continue to earn money i don't think so.

Also this is lame and really cheesy if you ask me. It's just horrible. With adult humor thrown into the mix, You might remember quite a few jokes but will you get them, No you won't because it makes everyone really ashamed to think that the jokes themselves are not bad at all. But still this takes parts from films like The Hangover or other films like Due Date and adds them to this show.

It's just ridiculous and because it's garbage. I'm not gonna go into it. Greg Baily totally ruined the show like Joel Schumacher did with Batman & Robin. There was a lot going on here and he did not deserve to ruin such a good show. He made a lot of money but who knows what ruins such a good franchise and then a show. Greg Baily should seriously stop making ridiculous episodes of this show just to earn money he won't get it. Plus here are some reasons why i hate this show.

- Because this show is violent and contains a few violent parts. - Because it promotes bullying and fighting with Arthur and his sister D.W. - Because the producers need to get a life before making a ridiculous TV Show, Because i promise you that this is just awful.

If you are a fan of Arthur, Then don't see it. Nor watch it, Plenty of people think it's horrible and i agree with them. This show is just childish, Silly and pointless, And of course is pretty dumb. Also there is adult jokes and stuff that kids may not be able to understand. It's pointless to watch. So save your money and time by not seeing this TV show for good. Also please save your money and don't get this because you will end up throwing it away.

Also please do not buy the merchandise for this TV show. It's a baby's show and is horrible to watch. Indeed it's the worst TV show because it explains nothing about proper education and because it's like Batman & Robin. So don't go out buying your kids this junk because it's marketed as a baby's show. Also please do not bother watching this show because it's really violent too.

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