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Steamboy (2004)
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Excellent animation, sorry story, 4 April 2005

I have to agree with most comments already made.

The good: The animation was excellent by any standards. The feel of a retro alternative timeline in London was superb. Animation and sound were both as good as i expected.

The bad: This production had a surprisingly predictable story. I could see things coming from 10 miles away. The pace was too slow and too much of the story was concentrated on certain parts for way too long.

The really bad: This was really what dropped my rating down to 6. The incredibly stupid morality play that just didn't pass muster. The grandfather, at least to me, came off as one of those crazy environmental/religious extremists/terrorists that go around blowing things up because of differing opinions. I simply couldn't understand his logic. He is a scientist. When ppl first discovered how to forge steel, should steel have been banned because ppl would use it to forge superior swords? He'd rather give the steamball over to a gov't(who of course would use the tech to develop weapons) instead of completing his dream of steam castle to get filthy rich and foster superior economic might...and build better weapons of course. Technological progress ALWAYS precedes weapons tech innovation. I might have been able to swallow the idea if the movie had used a feasible alternative to steam...such as gunpowder or splitting the atom, which are both innately destructive. People kill people. A hot ball of air just lets them blow off some steam :P

Appleseed (2004)
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Visuals that'll blow you alway, 4 December 2004

This cg/cell style anime is the most incredible i've seen. Most of what I can say has already been mentioned by others that have commented. Suffice it to say, Appleseed is worth watching simply for it's eye goggling effects.

The story is decent but not spectacular and has changed just a bit more that i would've preferred from the original premise of the manga.

I rate this an 8/10 because i did enjoy it thoroughly. The -2 pts is for what someone else mentioned...the too typical clichés. Every dramatic moment is something you've seen pinched from some other overdramatized movie.

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Much better than expected, 23 November 2004

Another "ghost seeking revenge" story set in a small Korean town.

This movie has low ratings but the fact is, I managed to watch the entire thing through without getting bored.

I don't really think this movie is all that scary. It takes a lot to give me the shivers and I wasn't even once scared. I've been conditioned/used to Asian horror like Ringu and Ju-on so it might be scarier for those who aren't so used to this kind of horror.

However, this movie was entertaining. Its fast paced compared to most of the Asian horror out there and the story is somewhat interesting. I thought the ending was too predictable.

7/10 Not scary but entertaining

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Extremely disappointing after the hype (some small spoilers), 26 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can suspend my disbelief about certain scientific facts that were totally ignored. The "Rage" is really bonky. Makes people homicidal but only homicidal enough to bite others so they can turn...maybe if the zombies tried to eat and kill each other and everything, i could accept it as the "Rage".(But hey it's another spin on the zombie movie :P )

Why is it disappointing you ask me? Simply because the actions of the characters were supremely ludicrous and pretty much made no friggin sense.

The animal activists...not even they are stupid enough to do what they did when they were told that the animals were infected, and the evidence being right in front of them.

The total change of character from tough cookie to helpless creampuff for the black girl.

Jim the ex-comatose patient morphing into Rambo.

Why would Jim bayonet the soldier cook and then leave his nice full auto rifle on the floor so he could run around as unarmed zombie bait? How many times have you seen a character disable the monster/enemy and then run alway leaving their weapons so the monster/enemy can get back up, pick the weapon up and then chase them again.

The pathetic helplessness of the soldiers who supposedly survived as long as they did. They seemed tough at first then in the end started cowering...dropping weapons...etc. Too out of character.

The fact that none of them attempted to get off the island. Remember what the Sargeant said in captivity? Soldiers do have some common sense in the real world. At least in Romero's zombie flicks, they tried to get off into the sea to look for some measure of hope.

28 days can those apples be fresh and pristine? Who can survive a gunshot wound to the stomach from a high powered rifle without real medical attention?

List goes on and on....

The movie had potential. The only thing that ruined it was the screenplay. Watch the movie and you will understand.

BTW, this is what happens when you take the guns alway from the Brits.. the everyday Brit will be defenseless against those nasty zombies when a zombie epidemic hits :P In the US, we got rednecks armed to the teeth hunting them down for sport :)

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Excellent martial arts movie, 14 October 2004

This movie has excellent choreography and is fairly well put together. The story is simple, classic, and well known since it is based on a Bruce Lee movie. The girl is also quite attractive.

One thing to note is all the different versions floating out there. A lot of the critical reviews here are based on edited and badly dubbed versions. I believe someone even mentioned that there was also 2 endings (not sure how different) depending on the version.

I would have to recommend that no one watches the dubbed version. It is absolutely horrendous.

The uncut subbed version deserves a 8.5/10

The Breed (2001)
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Not nearly as bad as expected, 5 September 2003

After reading some of the comments here, i was expecting a horrible movie. However, after watching it, I was quite surprised. The Breed was alot better than i expected. I think people exagerated quite a bit when describing its faults. It isn't a gorefest or vampiric suckfest like some vampire movies. It was more like a moody detectives story set in an alternate/parallel reality type movie(I don't buy that future crap..not after watching the movie).

Anyway, I give it a 7/10. For vampire fans, definately worth watching. And hey...Ling Bai alone made this movie worth watching.