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Fascinating! Why don't they replay this series?!?! How about a DVD?!, 20 August 2005

I caught this series at episode one back in February 2005 on the History Channel, purely by accident when my Tivo "decided" that I might like it. Well, Tivo was RIGHT! Since then, I've kept it on my Tivo and watched it 3 times! Yes, 3! I didn't have ANY idea that this kind of history could be so interesting. I've even shown it to friends who agree that this show is amazing! Who knew that the English language was so embattled for so long! Sadly, by the time I watched my recording the first time, I had missed the rest of the episodes, which have not aired again since that one showing. Therefore, I've only seen the first episode -- what a tease. I would buy it all on DVD/VHS in a heartbeat if it was available (other than the $930.00 educational version!! Yeesh!) So, if anyone at the History Channel is reading this, GET US a DVD set guys!!! This series rocks!!!

Red Eye (2005)
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Convincing Acting, Solid Suspense, 12 August 2005

My wife got her hands on some free passes to go see this on Wednesday from a local radio station. If it had not been for that, I probably would not have seen the movie. The trailer REALLY made this movie look uber-stupid. First off, it was NOT what I expected. When I thought "Wes Craven", all I had in mind was "cheesy horror movie". Well, let's get that right out there, THIS IS NOT A HORROR MOVIE!!!! OK, now that we understand that, let me say this: IT WAS EXCELLENT!!!! It was more of a psychological thriller/action movie, which for some reason reminded me of the movie "Speed" (1994, Keanu Reeves) to a degree. It had plenty of tension, action and a very hateable bad guy (played VERY convincingly by Cillian Murphy - who by the way, had better be careful about not getting type-cast as "the bad guy" in all his movies, because he does a very GOOD psycho!). Anyway, it was all around a great flick with an ending I did NOT expect -- but I'll leave that for you to experience.

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Terrible, awful, extremely bad, horrible, etc, etc...., 19 February 2005

Mr. Kennedy should stop ExPeRiMeNtIng with bad movie scripts. What WAS he thinking? This is a movie that should not have passed the "hey, I've got an idea, let's make a sequel" stage of inception. If there was a ZERO rating, I'd give it, but I guess I'll settle for a generous 1. It seems these days that if there is a buck to be made, movie execs will dig up an old hit and run it by a set of writers and see what turns up. (Hey, I said "hit and run"! Kinda describes how I felt when this movie ended!) How THIS piece of trash ever saw the light of day is beyond me. It is filled with unpleasant humor, strange animation and jokes that don't quite take you anywhere besides a state of confusion. If you are being dragged to this movie, and someone is paying for you....fine.... but its still going to be more painful than a brick in the forehead. However, if you're planning on paying your own hard-earned money, search out a better alternative.

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I wanted to like this..., 24 August 2004

When the WB started showing teasers for this show, I looked forward to it and expected great things. I thought it would be a decent superhero show, in light of the success of Smallville. What I saw instead was a show consisting of bad acting (with the exception of Dina Meyer), corny story lines and a lame attempt at entertainment. Even then, I kept watching, hoping that the writing/acting would improve -- they did not. The action sequences were VERY well done, but it seems they concentrated more on trying to wow audiences with imaginative martial arts than with good script writing. It is sad, because as with so many other projects, a good staff of writers might have made all the difference -- However, there would still be that fact that while Ashley Scott and Rachel Skarsten are both beautiful women, they sadly couldn't seem to get their acting skills working in this series.

The Love Letter (1998) (TV)
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An Exceptionally Well Made TV Movie, 23 August 2004

I came across this title in the IMDb as I have so many others -- by accident. The concept intrigued me, so I browsed and was lucky enough to find a relatively inexpensive used copy.

I must admit, to begin, that I was a bit biased, in that I am a time-travel fanatic at heart. So, when a movie is themed as such, I am a sucker for it from the beginning. Though the actual traveling in this movie is mostly by way of a seemingly "magic" desk and an unusually efficient U.S. Mail service (Wouldn't that be nice?), it nevertheless fell within my realm of my fascination.

I won't recap the story, as the IMDb does a good job of that already. My only comments are of the quality of the movie. I was pleased with the movie overall. Myself being a 29 year old male, anyone who sees this movie will plainly tell you that I was not the demographic that they were aiming for. It is a love story and I found myself very drawn into it, even with it's implausible premise -- but, we must remember that this movie IS a "fantasy" and it should be viewed with that in mind. Those who are looking for a good sci-fi flick should look elsewhere, because science does into enter into the picture here. It is a human story about two people who are separated from each other by time. It is well acted, beautifully filmed and well worth a look if you can pick it up at your local library, video store or online somewhere.

I give it 9 out of 10. My only critiques would be Scotty's coma 'dreams' which left me scratching my head a bit and the ending -- but I won't spoil it for you. Watch, enjoy and you be the judge.

Timequest (2000)
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Cheese on a stick -- with mold., 4 September 2003

A writer should never direct his own movie................................................ Unless the script is actually good........This one is not.

I won't give you an overview of the storyline, since that's been covered in this database entry.

I'll start by saying that I know all too well that writing a good time travel story is not an easy task. "Time Quest: What if JFK had lived?" which also goes by the name "Second Chance" is a blend of melodrama, mixed with cliché and a touch of the occasional "HUH?!". My first reaction to the dual title was that this writer is so self absorbed that he couldn't decide on ONE movie title, because he simply admires every idea he has, so he simply *had* to call it both! If you see this, you'll know what I mean. A lot of story elements were put into this movie that I'm sure the writer thought would be "heart warming", but ended up being a moment to sit back and groan. Without spoiling anything, look for these wishy-washy moments in the movie if you decide to watch it:

1) The time traveler dancing with Jacqueline. Uhm..... was this really necessary? As this unfolds, JFK looks as baffled as we viewers ARE.

2) Robert Kennedy finding the fingerprint on the glass. Would there even BE a fingerprint if time had been altered and the traveler had `never been there'? hmmmm... Granted this movie is about as scientifically accurate as the anatomy of a Barbie doll....but come on!

3) The nifty "elementary school artwork" scene. Wow! The government really DOES keep track of everything! Including those lousy pictures you colored in grade 3!! Wow! How powerful! How deep! How STUPID!

And how about that line "Oh my sweet Jesus, we are at a crossroads here!" as he looks at the newly discovered picture! UGH! Cornball!!

Ok, perhaps I'm being a bit harsh. But the fact remains that this movie was often comical in places that the writer never intended it to be -- taking away from any dramatic drive that even existed in this insipid flick. See this movie ONLY if you are like me, have a love of corny sci-fi and a maniacal need to pick them apart as you watch. Oh, and BELIEVE me, there is so much to pick apart in this movie that it would take me about 10 pages.

My take on this movie is like this: It could have been better if the director would have taken more outside criticism and opinions from other people. Any person (other than the director I would think) could have pointed out the hokey moments, therefore allowing them to be removed and avoiding an embarrassment of a film such as this one.

Maybe I'm wrong, but the sad fact is that this movie had potential --had it been done properly.

2 of out 10 stars.