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A great, forgotten comedy, 12 September 2003

I think I was ten when I first saw this movie at the theaters and I can honestly say I have never laughed so hard and uncontrollably at any film in my life. Granted, today the movie does look dated and suffers from some poor picture and sound quality (the usual product of the infamous Golan Globus guys) but I urge you to try and see beyond that. This is a small masterpiece. David Landsberg's honest but clumsy Wilson is perfectly balanced by Dreyfuss' seedy, fast-talking... uh sorry I forgot the character's name. Anyway, the movie has several well timed running gags (the hurt hand, the old lady whose pictures are always messed up, etc.) some hilarious chase sequences (my fave being a chase through a movie set), a cheesy yet quirky soundtrack and an overall sense of outrageousness. The plot is just credible enough to make the comedy work and the action sequences are well done but not lended so much weight that they distract. Landsberg and Dreyfuss (both of whom also wrote the film) have a keen sense of comic timing, and play off of each other like pros. (This film also introduced me to the Italian beauty Valeria Golina, several years before Rainman). I've seen Landsberg in the occasional supporting role on TV and in film but I've never seen Dreyfuss before or since (I've read before that he's Richard's brother and that's certainly reasonable). It's a shame these two didn't make more films, and in a way it's sad that this film didn't do better, and yet now I can officially refer to it as a forgotten, hidden treasure. Good luck finding this film on VHS, much less on DVD but if you do, check it out.

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I'm not the only one!, 4 September 2003

I rented this movie in high school because it looked a sure bet to show some tits. It did, but it was also funny as hell. I figured I was the only person in the world who had seen it and remembered it. Thank god, I don't feel quite as pathetic.

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Hilarious, sadly overlooked film, 4 September 2003

This movie came out about the same time that "Ace Ventura" did. I was one of the very few ace-haters. After seeing Ace, I had totally lost hope for finding a good, decent comedy until I saw "and god spoke". Unlike ace, "and god spoke" didn't force the jokes down your throat. It was subtle, quietly clever, had a few things to say about the nature of film-making and hilariously funny. Unfortunately, with no famous faces it was totally overlooked and still seems to be that way. No, it's not quite as good as it's mockumentary predecessor "Spinal Tap", but it's definitely worth anyone's time.