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A terrible beautiful tragedy, 4 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most of the Swedish cinema visitors who went to see another of Lukas Moodyson funny, small term rebellious movies (like Fûcking Åmal and Tillsammans) did get their popcorn stuck in their throats. Of course this film wasn't supposed to be any fun. A Film to enlighten ourselves on whats really going on in our border countries.

-- BELOW PLOT -- The main character Lilja is excellently played by Oksana Akinshina, an actress who I'm sure we'll see more of in the future. In the movie we meet a young girl with the naive dream about moving to America together with her mom and her mom's new found man. She feels really relieved about leaving her poor life behind and start a new.

But her mother leaves her behind with no family, no money. She finds her her only friend a younger boy which she shares her problems with. She goes with a schoolmate to a club, because her friends knows how to earn money. When Lilja discovers what she is getting paid for she flees the place. She gets visited by her schoolmate and her father who accuses Lilja getting his daughter into prostitution. Lilja is hated by everyone at the school, being a cheap prostitute. But in all darkness she finds a nice guy she fall in love with, with promises moving to Sweden. But in Sweden is another much older man waiting for her and locks her up in a apartment. And make her earn money for him.

This movie tells a real sad and depressing story. And I hope that this movie makes people be more aware of the trafficking situation. It's a quite strong movie.

"Monster" (2004)
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A short vague comment of Monster, 4 May 2006

The story starts where you're following Dr. Temna a Japanese doctor who's working in Germany. You'll follow Dr. Temna thru the luxury of being a successful neurosurgeon, a promising job, a promising relationship with the director's daughter. But because one event his life is being turned upside down. It's hard to write any real revealing comment on this anime, because it would spoil the whole beginning. The type of this anime is a detective story/adventure. Filled with murder and lies. This is a different anime from what I usually watch Naruto, One Piece and Bleach for example. The characters isn't drawn in the usual way, and it feels more realistic than any anime I've been watching. But not realistic in a bad way. It's really worth seeing. Although I haven't seen all episodes yet.

Screwed in Tallinn (1999) (TV)
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Probably the best and serious produced movie from "Killing gänget", 4 September 2003

I cannot agree with kanskespam. This movie is a piece of the best material "killinggänget" ever produced. We are following some characters from different parts of sweden on a bus trip. It's not just an ordinary bus trip. All the people on the bus are looking for one to share their lives with. It's just that the buscompany is owned by Percy Nilegaard the famous mediaprofile.

The best thing about this movie is probably that all the characters seems to be taken from a real bus travling. I guess I've never been laughing so much while seeing a movie. It's a famous movie in sweden, but I don't know if it can be appreciated by international viewers.