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These are the movies out on dvd or coming out soon, that I did not have a chance to see in the theater that I would like to see.
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Just a few movies that I want to see in the next couple of years when they come out. I will be adding as I find new movies and putting them in order of how I like them.
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Stand up Comedians
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Here are some of Christopher Lamberts movie's. I can't get anymore on the list for some reason, But if anyone can make suggestions of more of his movies, I would appreciate it. He is a good actor but gets crappy movies. I have been hooked on his work since seeing Highlander (all of them).
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These are a few movies I want to watch or have watched in no particular order. I will be adding movies as I find them or hear about them.
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This is a list of movies I have watched with my kids.