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Deranged Sweaty Sleazy Forgotten Gem that turns into a good movie halfway!, 3 June 2009

They just don't make em like this anymore- Like I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, HOUSE BY THE LAKE, MANIAC, THE FAN (81) etc this film delves right into a psychopaths fantasies and allows the actor to fully rip roar and indulge in the character without restraint. The plot pretty much revolves around a rich mean spirited high class diva who talks to everyone like scum, including her mentally deficit gardener who just happens to also be a obsessed psychopath who , when not being berated by her, spends his time jerking off in the sand thinking of tortured women and making love to a mannequin dressed like her as her music plays in the background. Eventually he acts upon his sick delusions and when her boyfriend is forced to leave their villa for a weekend the gardener enters her house then rapes and kills her. The rape scene and dialogue are pretty disturbing.(ie " never mind those limp yuppie guys- if you ever want it rough and hard, ask me and I'll give it to you whenever you want..") Then her concerned sister comes to the house to see how she is, unaware of the rape-happy madman still hiding there, What follows is a intriguing cat and mouse. The violence in this film is great and I did not find it boring at all. This is easily one of the best of the Australian horror/exploitation that came out that era. Unfairly ignored and loathed it stands up today as a gross horrifying and sometimes unintentionally funny home invasion film thats as good as anything else. track this down. If you like bleak films and twisted psychos you'll get a great fix from this.

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sick, twisted and essential !! a B-Grade Must See!!, 12 January 2007

If you are a fan of sleazy 70s American Drive in Exploitive fare like me..and I'm not talking by numbers trash like Friedman's TRADER HORNEE or WHAM BAM SPACEMAN or PLEASE Don't EAT MY MOTHER either. I'm talking high grade like BLOOD AND LACE, THE TODD KILLINGS, WHEN YOU COMING BACK RED RYDER,POOR WHITE TRASH II, FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE, WHITE DOG, LEMORA, SWITCHBLADE SISTERS and THE BABY. If you like 'em mean and bleak this underrated and highly disturbing flick is for you. In my opinion this surpasses the excellent but slightly disappointing LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT by miles in sheer queasiness. Powerful evil men and strong woman characters raise this well above the average b grade clunker. Make no mistake there are real messages to be found in this film about violence that predates even a CLOCKWORK ORANGE. I thoroughly recommend it and this DVD release by Subversive (thank you!!!) is absolutely lovingly brilliant. There is a awesome featurette with in depth, decent questions being answered both by Susan Senet and Tiffany Bolling who are both striking even today. I urge all horror enthusiasts to give this angry violent film a whirl. You may not love it as much as I do but you will have to admit it is way better than average in a genre that is full of clueless try hard crap. I give it 10/10.

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A Real Sicko's Sickfest..., 8 April 2006

This is one for the real deranged sex maniacs out there. There's virtually no plot just one flimsy excuse or another to show helpless women being sexually tortured and degraded. There are plenty of laughs to be had if that sort of thing rocks your boat, though. One outrageous scene has Jess Franco playing in-mate Lina Romay's father who attempts to rape her in slow motion...only trouble is they actually act (very badly) in slow motion live rather than slow down the actual film!!! incredible! Franco's worst? Hardly, It's actually one of his filthy sadistic best as there is no time to get bored for a change (a rarity with his movies!). Fans of that ol' Spanish zoom lens we've come to know and love will not be disappointed. Wild and crazed as only Franco could do..he out viles the ILSA series with ease here.Perfectly putrid!(and I loved every moment!)

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A early Clockwork Orange/ River's Edge !!, 6 March 2006

If you are a fan of the film look of RACE WITH THE DEVIL check out this fantastic obscurity that has sadly been forgotten also. I wont give too much away but this was based upon a true story of a young hood who influences his peers and is totally nihilistic and misanthropic. Fans of THE RIVERS EDGE should not pass up the chance to see this equally controversial and powerful film. Sure the budget limitations show but the film still evokes a gut punch. Quite sleazy and creepy this was directed by Barry Shear who also directed the fantastic ACROSS 110TH STREET. Seek out this great "bleaker" and if you enjoy it, tell all your friends.I put it in the same depressive bin as TAXI DRIVER, COMBAT SHOCK, CLOCKWORK ORANGE and GOD'S LONELY MAN...just a earlier shoestring TV movie version. I loved it.

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great UN "sung" trash classic, 24 June 2005

This film is a laugh and a half. If you love beach movies but wish they were little more titillating check out this misguided pro feminist piece from the 60s. Highlights most definitely are the crazy tunes like STAMP OUT MEN . There are also some genuinely creepy moments in Astrid Gilberto's deadpan face whilst singing the brilliant classic GIRL FROM IPANEMA.A very bizarre film. This is the one you should be on acid watching!The Animals and Dave Clark Five footage is priceless.Nancy Sinatra is hot in this complete with F me boots on! Some of the worst tunes you'll ever hear can be found in this flick. One of my rock n roll favourites...

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excellent suspenseful movie except..., 5 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really believe they should of cut out the first part involving Shelley Winters out of the movie as it spoils too much of the surprise ahead. After Finchs character has the drunken "WHO AFRAID OF VIRGINNIA WOLFE" type argument with Winters its too obvious after that she may of met with foul play. Try forward the opening scene and begin from when Finch first picks up Hayden. Then the story is improved and keeps you guessing why Finch's character is so nervous and accommodating to Hayden's threats. in other words FF the first 10 minutes. The film works better that way. its almost as though thats how it was originally filmed until some clueless production sod demanded more explanation tacked onto the beginning and thus the sequences with Winters was filmed, explaining why she is only in it for a few short scenes.hence, almost ruining the film with too much info given to us. But don't let me put you off...this is a brilliant film on psychological warfare and Hayden is at her sultry best. Fans of Bava's RABID DOGS ought to check this out.

Soul Man (1986)
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a awesome but misunderstood film, 30 April 2004

In this day of PC rubbish this film probably would cop a lot of flak if it was re released. People actually picketed this film in its day and it has been given the needle from Spike Lee and Eddie Murphy. Well, I am black and didnt find it offensive at all, in fact if people want to attack it and say it is they might want to look at more deserving features that are released nowadays . I personally find most of the stereotypes in the aforementioned directors films quite insulting but that doesnt mean I will hate their work. This movie, although a little awkward in its delievery is obviously made with good intention and should be commended for telling a story with very truthful elements to it. If you cannot see that then you are missing the point. The best and most significant scene is when Mark watson sits down with his rich white girlfriends family for dinner. the scenes they evision are absolutely hilarious and painfully real ...especially priceless is Leslie Nielsens thoughts. a very very funny but misunderstood film (by the wowsers anyhow). relax and enjoy a great teen flick with a real message underlying, if nothing else enjoy the scenery chewing by James Earl Jones, Rae Dawn Chong , Leslie Nielsen and a early Julia Louis-Dreyfus. excellent fun.

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One of the greatest crime films ever, 3 April 2004

The real crime involved in this movie is the bare bones dvd release.Though the print is great this movie really deserves a revival and a special edition....its begging to be re-discovered!!! This film would have to be one of the greatest crime flicks ever. No one dimensional characters here...all of them struggle with good and bad inside themselves and the motivations are clear. Totally unpredictable and full of incredible exciting scenes with great thoughtful dialogue. Not a typical black cop/ white cop movie this breaks rules and has scenes Ive never seen before... you cant do better than this flick.great theme song too which was re-done and updated again by the original composer Bobby Womack for Jackie Brown.check it out!You wont be dissapointed....

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Niether Fish nor Foul..., 18 January 2004

I found the movie way over hyped. It tried to play both sides of the fence and thus , makes it own downfall. In one minute the film sets itself up for gratious sleaze and then has the audacity to imply rather than exploit, resulting in dissapointed for both viewers who want a gore fest and the others who want a non gratious story. No where near in the same league as THE UNTOLD STORY. This is not a bad waste of time but don't expect anything in the shape of a classic.

aka Andrew Leavold Superstar, 29 December 2003

It just had to happen, huh...not content with his own films, his own business and his own band, the unsung ham of Brisvegas , Andrew Leavold just had to have his own doco!!! Despite some of the most un attractive shop retailers on the planet this is a thoroughly entertaining study on trash movie fans and their passions. Kinda like TREKKIES, with the same sort of lurid , obsessed mentality of compulsive disorders amongst Andrew and his mentally unhealthy staff. A great inspiring piece, well filmed and fast paced though Andrew should change attire when serving normal folk. Highly recommended.

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