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Adding all of the movies I've seen here. No specific order.

Due to rating inconsistencies with IMDb scores and the implemented user rating system, it becomes apparent that a score of 10/10 is marginally unrealistic, as the top films on IMDb tend to be capped roughly at 9~/10.
I firmly believe there's a fine difference between a score of say: 8, 8.5 and 9; a noticeable one I might add. Thereby, lacking fine tuning in rating.

An 8.5 has become synonymous with certain films and usually represents a masterpiece or to say the least, a truly magnificent film; whereas an 8 tends to be more of a really good film.

Consider the way I've chosen to rate films as such in order to stay compatible to IMDb's weighted mean and true Bayesian estimate used in the top-250 list:

w = IMDb Weighted Mean
u = User vote

w = [1,   2,   3,   4,   5,   6 - 6.9,   7 - 7.5,   8,   8.5,   9]
u =   1,   2,   3,   4,   5,     6,           7,        8,    9,    10

1. Disgusting
2. Appalling
3. Horrible
4. Bad
5. Weak
6. Mediocre
7. Good
8. Very Good
9. Excellent
10. A Masterpiece
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All TV series I've seen or currently watching
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Keep in mind that this order is based on my personal favorites, which means that I am not specifically saying that a movie at say place 10 is necessarily better than one at 15. It just means that this list is biased towards my personal favorites and not towards the order in which the movies should be placed/deserves to be placed.

If you want a more general list without bias (in which I agree mostly with) you should just go ahead and check out the Top 250 list here on IMDb.
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Adding the best games of all time in which I think deserves recognition for being so terribly good!

This list only takes into account for the games that I've played.

They are now somewhat sorted in order, of course it's hard to compare a lot of games since they are unique in their own way.

Games that don't exist on IMDB will be added here:
Cave Story (2004)