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Skyline (2010)
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Not that bad, 13 November 2010

I see many posters claims Skyline is the 'worst movie ever' - that isn't even close to true. This $10 million movie was way better than the $100 million Van Helsing. And also way better than Johnny Mnemonic which is the gold standard by which I judge all bad movies. I actually liked Skyline. It was by no means a great movie but props to the film makers for skipping all of the alien invasion clichés and going with something original. One poster compared it to a zombie movie and I did notice the similarity when I was watching it. The plot does have far more in common with a typical zombie movie than you usual alien invasion movie. Also, way more realistic than any alien invasion movie I've ever seen. Independence Day was fun to watch but it was just cotton candy not serious science fiction.

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The best movie of 1999, 3 September 2003

This movie caught me totally by surprise. I saw it with fairly low expectations (always a good thing) and found it to be entertaining. The surprise ending totally blew me away. I see so many movies that I rarely see anything I was not expecting. If you don't already know the plot, this is the story of a psychiatrist and a boy who sees ghosts. M. Night Shyamalan showed true genius in the directing of this film. I had to see it a second time to really appreciate how every detail was perfect. When viewing the second time I was constantly thinking how could I have missed that?! Every clue was there. Every scene had just the perfect amount of subtly. The Sixth Sense was by far the best movie of 1999.