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"Do you love Satan?", 17 December 2004

This film , I had never heard of this film until just last night actually - when a friend gave it to me to watch...I didn't even read the description of it , so I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was to expect with it. All I looked at on the video case itself was the front cover and the movies' title....So , I pretty much was figuring that this was a HORROR film and I was also assuming this would not be a good contributor to that genre... Well , as it turns out , after watching , Oh - I'd say about the first 10 minutes of the film , which is actually the beginning of the film with the credits still rolling in , I did realize that this film was about Richard Ramirez , who was the night stalker /killer in various brutal and satanic murders. The only reason I clued in on that was because I was prior familiar with the dirtbag in general. I had seen a A&E TV special about his trial and how some fruitloop of a women had married him in prison while awaiting his death sentence for the crimes he had committed. I found this movie , well - not too disturbing - although I will not say it is not. The guy was a major drug fiend and obviously had HUGE mental issues. Basically blaming his crimes on Satan , "Satan made me do it" - type stuff. What a FREAK! And this film sure does a GREAT job at showing it's viewer just THAT. I didn't LOVE this film , but I will give it a big credit. Well done. Also , one last thing - this is not a horror film , this is a documentation film....Yep , yep , yep

And with all of that , I'm out... PEACE

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kind of reminds me of Cats Eye, 4 November 2004

This film is one of my favorites. I pretty much enjoy all of S king's films. The incest part here throws me off a bit , and is unlike any other S King film in that sense. But I still like this film for everything else it brings to horror table. The effects are also fairly decent considering these creatures that the mother and son morph into look more like aliens then they do vamps. Watching the star cat in this film , I almost think it's the same cat from S King's Cats Eye. It could be and then again , maybe not. Then again , that may even be Stephen King's pet! Got me. All and all , fairly good film - It's Stephen King! PEACE :)

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some of the best female zombies EVER!, 31 October 2004

I viewed this film for the first time ever this past week. I really had no idea what to expect - except that I had seen some great effect-clips on TV and that right there made me have to view this. I have seen the sequel to this. I wasn't that impressed with it , although it was not bad at all. But this first film right here , this one has the right stuff... Also this is an original idea to me - as it's the first time I've ever seen a movie based on 3 women being killed and then ultimately turning into quite gruesome zombies... This movie made me jump when I already knew something was about to happen. I really enjoy this film a lot. Very spooky - Very Halloween-esque. Brilliant.... :O HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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Way Scarier Than The Original - WAY!!!, 24 October 2004

I think this film so scary...One of the most scariest movies I have ever seen. I really like the first film , although it is not exactly scary. This - has that possession scene in it - and that , to me - is what makes this a total scare fest. I believe no one knows the actual truth behind the first one in detail. So its hard to say that this is not following the true pattern of the first one - because the first one is not actually based on a true story....Its based on word of mouth , which to me could have some loop holes in it. Although , like every truth based movie - they all have some loop hole somewhere. You haven't seen this - and you wanna be scared - check it out! You have seen the first one , and you liked it = watch this! PEACE


"Can I have a GoodGuy Doll? Please!!!?Please???!", 24 October 2004

Nice stuff here... ;) When I first seen this film , I loved it. I went on to watch all the Child's Plays after it. Unfortunately , the others did not do the same thing this did. Although Bride Of Chucky is fairly good , but it does start to show that the filmmakers here are just trying to come up with something else the oh-so-talented possessed Good Guy doll can pull off...In the same sense , hence the soon to be released 'Seed Of Chucky'--- ahh , let me guess on that one , Chucky is gunna reproduce now , how marvelous for him....But just how marvelous for us???? Only time will tell there... Lastly , I've watched this film just recently , although it did not have the same effect on me as it did the first time around - it is an original idea and it has a lot of kool shock value , so I still like it a lot....Will continue to be a favorite. PEACE

Phenomena (1985)
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the bug girl, 24 October 2004

Rock On Dario! This is a great film. Not exactly as spooky as some of Dario's others - but then again this does have some wild shock value... And for that I love this! The music here - makes this film a lot more eerie - and it's decent to hear some Iron Maiden in a horror film. The beginning to this film , I love the beginning - On the beginning alone is what I will base the fact that I love this film on.With the rest of the stuff here being very pleasant fillers. This is edgy , atmospheric , eerie and just plain out morbid. LOVE IT! You go , Dario! PEACE

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That Babysitter DESERVED IT!, 24 October 2004

Yep - I like this film. I am also happy to finally see a promotional photo for this film , thank you a lot IMDb! I have a copy of this film. I find this film a one-of-a-kind. I like it cause it's early 80s. And I LOVE what happens to the eat-too-much babysitter! LOL I never see this for rental at the video store - I had actually seen it on TV.... Not that this is a marvelous film , but I have definitely sat through more boring , supposed-to-scare-me films. Not exactly gore , not exactly a slasher - Hard to pinpoint this one exactly , but I'll call this a thriller - with a touch of mystery....with a completely 80s-style view. PEACE

Summer of Fear (1978) (TV)
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Julia... AKA Sarah, 24 October 2004

I really REALLY like this film. I first seen this on , what do you know , public TV around Halloween time. Although I did not see it in its original release - I still found this enjoyable and spooky and the fact that Linda Blair is in this made it so much more enjoyable to watch. I seen it was on last year , around Halloween time on public TV - and I hope they decide to play it again this year.... Good Halloween fun. Not so scary but a bit creepy. Also , the ending is the best part. These days it also seems a bit funny at times. But I see it also as believable. PEACE & Happy Halloween to you and yours :)

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What a stupid movie - Ooh , I'm SO SCARED!!!! NOT..., 24 October 2004

I have this movie. I haven't seen the first one , but man do I HOPE it is better than this!!! This movie is stupid. It wasted a lot of my time , because like many supposed-to-be scary horror movies , I watched this - giving it the benefit of the doubt - that eventually , somewhere - at some time - this would scare me. This movie failed at scaring me. This movie also wasted my time. I never watch this movie. I only watched this film once since I bought it - and it sits on the shelf , with an aura around it that screams - "IM LAME and there is NOTHING to see here!" I laugh at its cover , telling myself - "this cover does not remotely cover this film." Wasn't even funny.... Sad waste of DVD space....And it wasn't even on sale!!!

The Ring (2002)
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"She will NEVER stop", 22 October 2004

I've never seen the ORIGINAL of this film. I never even knew it was a REMAKE. People I know that have seen this rendition of this film kept telling me how good and quite scary this is.... So , I rented it and was very enthralled in it. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I'll say it is fairly good , decently interesting and much different than anything I have ever seen. The only thing that I did not care for in this was the ending , I was quite disappointed in that. But this has some spooky parts and for that - and the story itself , I liked this. I mean , just think of this film as a realistic happening - in that aspect - this is quite scary... But you know - there is a lot more SCIFI here than spook.

I like HORROR better than SCIFI - but I still enjoyed this. Pretty kool.... :) PEACE

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