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Pretty straightforward. In order.

I almost added Pink Floyd's the Wall, the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and Zero de Conduite, but it's so hard to define dystopian.
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God, there should be more of them, amirite?
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Top ten time travel films out there. It's In order.

Also, someone tell me, do Pleasantville and Event Horizon count as time travel movies? Just curious.

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Pretty self explanatory, its loosely in order- but after 5 the order isn't organized. I suppose it's unfair to reduce an entire genre into a couple films, like it'd be a daunting task to make a list of only 15 or 20 great American comedies. Oh well.
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I'm not a sicko, I think when a filmmaker can handle rape really well it's powerful. Some of these I included because of the actual rape scenes, it's sort of all over the board.
Also I didn't include some really obvious and famous ones because how many times do you need to be told that Clockwork Orange is a great movie with rape?