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MY favorites. The first ten are my VERY favorite male and female voice, and the others are in no particular order.

comment who your favorite are
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Do you have any?

Share with a comment.
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In relative order. Considered both what are my favorites and my inclination to watch them multiple times.
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Best, both young and old, in my opinion.
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I started putting them in order....not finished yet.
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These are the kind of movies that makes you empathetic, so get ready for the waterworks. If they don't make you cry, they will spark introspection and question where you fit in the world.

Generally though these movies are high drama and mentally/emotionally taxing that they hardly ones you watch repeatedly (with the exception of about 5 of these films.)

Noted whether they are:
*Deep thinking movies *Thinking movies
*Definite crying *possible crying movies
*Low shocking *medium *high shocking

**In order by impact**

Enjoy, and please share which films you experienced to be an emotional rollercoaster.
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movies that may be blah but has a twist that makes you perk up and increase your original rating of it.

comment which movies made you crazy in the last 5 mins of the plot twist
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Not in order

If you love Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Jack Black, or Steve Martin...sorry, but I am not an avid fan.

That said, please still share your best, I would love a good laugh watching a new movie!
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No particular order
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Includes Happily Ever After, and Tragic End, dramatic and comedic.
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In order of release date and I share my favorite characters

comment which shows were your favorites