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Remarkable Accomplishment!, 18 October 2004

I recently saw "Miles Ahead" at the Minneapolis Central Standard Film Festival, held from October 14-17th. This is the most accomplished, heartfelt, and deeply moving independent movie I've ever seen made by a group of novice twenty-somethings. Not only does the film aim for more than the usual offbeat cute romantic comedy or the "I've graduated from college and my life sucks" kind of indie movie this age group frequently makes, "Miles Ahead" uses film as visual medium to get its message across to the viewer making it a sensory experience. While some have noted that the movie "rips off" or "imitates" Terrance Malick, I disagree. In this viewer's opinion, "Miles Ahead" uses its visual in ways found in the best work of Gus Van Sant - particularly in "Gerry" or "My Own Private Idaho"; however, unlike Van Sant, the co-directors of this film have a story/theme that resonates with honesty and emotional heartbreak. The spectacular views of the North Carolina mountains is an added bonus as well. With the movies "George Washington" and "Sinkhole" - both made of alum from the same school as the Miles Ahead team and both filmed in the same North Carolina region, one can only assume that North Carolina is now the home of the best indie regional film-making in the United States. Move over Austin - these filmmakers have REAL stories to tell, and the technical know how to make them both polished and emotional. A must see!

Wonderful Movie, 31 August 2003

As a member of the original group that tried to save the Indian Hills theater, and someone who is featured in the movie, I applaud the filmmakers for their work on this documentary - besides showing our fight to save the Hills, this movie shows the history of Cinerama, shows how movie-going has changed since 1962, and shows why cities like omaha keep destroying their past. This is a movie anyone interested in theaters, preservation, and Cinerama history should see.