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festival of clichés, 26 June 2011

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First of all the film is boring, boring to the nth degree. Try to make the recent spy movie / action without being neither one nor the other. Now i'm Italian and i notice that this film is a festival of clichés full of typical commonplaces: the beautiful girl who is an undercover agent (a classic in short), the cop in love with the beautiful girl in the past but she dumped him, the tango in Italy (bah!), Venice solar and neat, the waiter named Diego (could be missing in a film set in Italy?), the Italian tailor who sews great style dresses, the corrupt cop, bad Russians, the Russians boss even more bad. A festival of commonplaces, treated with barren puerility. Interpretation of the actors tawdry and poor, at times irritating. The film recovers some point in the final, cute but definitely not worth the ticket price, perhaps just the rental price. Maybe.