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Fun With a Black Bear!, 25 September 2016

I wasn't around when The Cisco Kid was on TV. I discovered episodes on Hulu. Amazing for a show around 1952 to be in color. Both leads are quite magnetic, thus the show lasted for at least six seasons. I'm watching them in sequence and am only on season 2. This episode is one of my favorites. It involves a Gypsy camp, a pretty Gypsy girl, an older lady bear trainer, a black bear and two villains. What makes this episode stand out is the comedy on the part of Pancho, who is frightened of the harmless bear. There are some good fights and plenty of humor. This show is a little different from the prior ones, which all more or less stuck to a particular formula. Highly recommended though before I put in my rating, it only scored a 6.5 from ten voters. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Post Script: Hooray, due to the number of votes on this episode, my rating upped the score to 6.8. Far out!

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Animals Rule!!, 24 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, after watching this terrific episode and reading that very negative review here, that was enough to inspire me to write a review here.

"Puffless" is a two-story show. The first is about Patty and Selma attempting to quit smoking and also splitting up, to the horror of Homer. He does come up with a new use for bleach. My favorite gag involved the sisters dumping all of their cigarette packs in a bowl and lighting them up to dispose of them. The next scene cracked me up. I won't give that away!

The other story, that occurs simultaneously with the sisters one, is of Maggie and her new family friends. This is the one that really rocks!! A surprise animal makes an appearance, while the phrase "Black Hawk Down!" is uttered in a clever moment.

A near great episode. I hope the other reviewer stops watching The Simpsons. He'll be happier and can gripe on some other show. Trust me, this one is good! Currently rated 7.3.

Different and Great Episode - Disregard the Low Rating!, 14 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just finished this wonderful episode that I felt was worth rating on IMDb. I get to the page and it is rated a shockingly low 5.0 by 10 viewers. Well, what's ten, anyway? It's not thousands, like movies get.

They rate it low for one thing: there is no car race in it.

Why do I give it a 10? Story. Characters. This one is off-beat and if you like the characters of Speed, Sprital and Chim Chim, then you should like this one.

Without giving too much away, an escaped convict enters the life of a young girl Sprital's age. He has a couple secrets. Then he meets Speed and that's when the action occurs. The Mach Five does get used. There are other villains in this show, as well as an appearance by Inspector Detector.

It's an excellent episode despite the low rating. I will write about it because it is worth seeing!

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Unappreciated Comedy That I Enjoyed, 5 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When viewers watch the Twilight Zone, they usually look for a great story and drama. This one is a full-blown comedy that Rod Serling wrote. It took me a few viewings to really enjoy this one, and I do!

Watching a person get what they deserve is a common theme in the Twilight Zone world, and Roscoe gets his. Basically the episode's highlights are the sound effects, from roaring battles to water dripping.

The visual treats, like the vigorous shaking of objects due to the booming sound, are wonderfully funny.

Roscoe is ridiculed by his employees and his wife. His priorities are his military recordings and his business, and his wife is not one of them.

I have notated the IMDb ratings for Twilight Zone a couple times and both times Sounds and Silences finished second to the bottom in fan favorites. Oh well. I don't see how someone would like episodes like Black Leather Jackets over this one. But if you have a decent sense of humor, check this episode out!

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A Clockwork Parody That Will Satisfy Clockwork Fans!, 15 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This review will disregard the opening and closing stories. I love Clockwork Orange (though not a ten for me, strong nine). This parody was brilliant! Using some of the same musical score as the film and just enough tweaks to follow the storyline in the short time to fill a third of a Simpsons' episode.

Moe as the leader, not bad! Great references of the eye clamps and the fast motion action in tune with the William Tell Overture (and the latter is definitely not sexual).

I will submit a notation on the Clockwork Orange IMDb page to lead fans to this clever episode!

Nice reference of Kubrick. I wonder what Malcolm McDowell thinks of this episode?

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My Favorite Robin Williams Movie, Even if it is Not a Comedy, 13 August 2014

I just don't tire of this film. On the evening of his announced passing, we watched this film as a tribute to this unique individual. By the way, on the DVD he provides audio commentary. A rarity from him.

Basically the story is about a lonely man who identifies himself with a family and it become an obsession. Strong performances and the music is perfect for this film.

As a former one hour photo worker, I can identify with some of the aspects of his job. Also I worked at Wal Mart and the filmmakers replicated its look pretty well.

I sure wouldn't want a boss like Gary Cole's character! He is subtle and tyrannical!

This movie was even written up in Fangoria back then. Not bad for a non-gory film. Well there was a small scene with blood or a photo chemical......

If you get the DVD, check out the outtakes. There you'll see Williams doing his shtick, sort of showing the comic side of One Hour Photo. It is pretty funny!

Thanks, Robin.

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Solid A&C Film!, 13 August 2014

A fun, likable film with a good supporting cast. I have the first volume of the Abbott & Costello collection and I would rank this movie up there with Hold That Ghost as the highlights of the collection.

For Keep 'Em Flying, Bud and Lou are friends of Jinx Roberts, a 1940s version of Tom Cruise's Maverick (Top Gun). He does his flying his own way! Good chemistry between the three. Dick Foran plays Jinx. I remembered him from two Universal Studios Mummy films.

Then there is great supporting characters played Martha Raye, Carol Bruce, and William Gargan. Raye is especially funny playing twins that befuddle our heroes.

I was surprised to find out that Carol Bruce was in Planes, Trains & Automobiles (she plays Joy). I'll have to look for her in it.

A pretty decent storyline, maybe a few too many songs, and a hilarious scene involving a runaway torpedo on land. Check it out!

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Great Film!, 22 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Re-watched this classic from my video library the other night. Still fantastic! Great performances by all of the actors. Very believable and Mr. Jingles, the mouse, rocks!

Of course it is the story that drives the movie, and it is well-written. I usually read Stephen King's works before watching the films, but in this instance, I didn't have interest in the books (!) and just dove into the film, based on the trailer and having Tom Hanks in it.

Percy Wetmore, what a punk!

Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan deserved their Oscar nominations. Kudos to director Frank Darabont. What a vision! I met him about a decade before he directed this film. Who knew what he would do, though it is a follow up to The Shawshank Redemption. I didn't care for his The Majestic, but I digress.

So if you're in the mood for a great, emotional, character-driven film and don't mind the length (at over three hours, it moves!), check this out!

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Classic!, 14 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I feel for Meg. It seems like the only ones who barely tolerate her are her brothers. In this episode she becomes Peter's new buddy. You know that's not necessarily a good thing!

Meanwhile, Brian has a nasty encounter with an obnoxious skunk. Brian loses and the family suffers, as well as their entire living room!! The remedy is to Brian in the yard until the smell dissipates. Brian cries that he's "an inside dog," but Lois ignores his pleas.

So Brian learns to be a survivalist, even though he's just in the yard, not like he's out in the wild. It is an amusing sequence.

To keep the bad taste the series is known for, there is a sly reference to Andrea Yates, the mother who drowned her five children. Sick, but you know no topic is safe from the writers!

One of Family Guy's best shows. Check it out!

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Balancing Comedy With Hints of Child Molestation, 10 June 2014

This was a very interesting and well-acted story. Part two carefully walks along the tightrope of comedy and strong seriousness.

Very believable acting by Gordon Jump (famous for WKRP in Cincinnati), Gary Coleman, and Shavar Ross (whom I recall from the fifth Friday the 13th movie).

Plenty for Conrad Bain, Dana Plato and Todd Bridges to do within the episode, but the whole show here centers around Jump and the boys.

It's scary for the audience because we know how bad the situation can possibly get, but the writing is well done and the conclusions are believable. I caught it on YouTube recently. Check it out!

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