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French movies worth watching from 2000 and forward.
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Comedies with featuring ladies. No high-school/college movies.
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Comedies with a female main character
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Bad assery, behaving badly

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A list of all the wonderful animated movies of the world. Although all the mentioned studios are making wonderful films, it's interesting to see what else is out there.
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New interpretations of fairytales, those worth seeing and upcoming. The order is chronological.
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Older Ladies are the best!!!
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Ladies born from the 1940s-1950s. These ladies should basically be in all the movies.
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Great actresses born during the 1960s.
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Rahter than dissing the ones I don't like (ehrm... Paul Thomas Anderson, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch...), care about (...Spielberg, Cameron, Stone, blah, blah...) or have decided on (...Ridley Scott - Blade Runner, Thelma&Louise - amazing, and then there's the latest years...) I'm celebrating the ones I DO like! (I might add that there are almost only male directors, that's mainly because I want to see at least 3 movie I really like by a director before adding them and most female directors does not seem to get the chance to make that many.)
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A journey through Latin America and the Caribbean, I'll try to add at least one movie from each country, but probably a maximum of four from each.
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Starting in Sweden this is a journey around the globe with one (in some cases more) movive(s) per country.
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In general women appear to have little influence in the movie business - hopefully that's about to change.
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Women with a comic talent that I have not seen enough of in the movies; in front of or behind the camera.
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List of Dreamworks animation in chronological order, I've skipped/missed some of the sequels that seemed unimportant.
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Movies from 20th 20th Century Fox Animation, Fox Animation or Blue Sky Animation
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Can't get enough of studio Ghibli?

Here are some major animated movies and TV-series related to (produced by members of the team) or made in similar style to the studio, but produced outside of it. Some included are for their major influence on the genre overall.
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Animated movies from around the world that have been distributed by Studio Ghibli
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All the feature films of Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli. No shorts or TV-producitons.
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a list of 13 titles
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Former Disney artist Don Bluth's attempt to form a new studio, eventually bought by Fox Animation (which was also cancelled)
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Nuf said
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Too many shows get credit where none is due, here I list some that are some that deserve the praise and some where praise is due.

In my opinion, series such as It's alwas sunny in Philadelphia, Friends, Lost, 24. Nip/Tuck are overrated. I might change my opinion some day but it seems unlikely.

Scrubs is ok but nowhere as funny as My neam is Earl. Haven't had time too follow Community but not too impressed so far.

Family guy is the bleak slightly retarded sibling of The Simpsons and Southpark.

Gave Sopranos a chance a while back, but it never stuck to me. Might get back to it. Haven't followed the Wire, Mad Men or Six Feet Under properly, hope to some day.
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Most time I see movie posters I get a deja vu feeling, which is really a shame. Not that some very large movie stars are not great but that there are so many others that should get equal or more attention.