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Mostly popular films that I still need to get around to watching from start to finish. Some have yet to be released. It doesn't help that some of these films are bloody difficult to get a hold of.
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I need to finish these games time is of the essence.
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My personal preference of my favourite stories from the BBC's hit show from best to not so best.
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Watching films at the cinema is always an unforgettable experience for me. Infact one my very first memories was my sister taking me to see the 1997 re-release of star wars. *sigh* nostalgia.... however I have seen a lot of crap at the cinema :S
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Doctor Who is just consuming my life I'm hell bent in watching and re-watching every story in preparation for series 7 and the 50th anniversary. These are the shows that I've been really meaning to check out and perhaps get just as obsessed about.
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As of 21st August 2015.
About a year ago I embarked on an epic movie odyssey to watch 50 of the top 250 movies on IMDb and reshuffle them from my favourite to my least favourite now I’m taking it a step further and attempting to watch all the films on the top 250 and ranking them in my own personal way. No, don’t try and stop me I have already decided I will take on this ambitious undertaking. :p

These films are considered the best of the best, the pinnacle of cinema so there shouldn’t be any stinkers here. There have been some films in the top 50 which didn’t live up to their extremely high expectations such as Citizen Kane but I did admire certain aspects of the film despite finding it pretentious However through the top 250 I have found gems such as my new all time favourite movie Charles Chaplin’s City Lights which is considered to be the favourite movie of many directors on this list but isn’t really talked about as being a masterpiece of cinema like Citizen Kane in my humble opinion. I hope other users agree and make their own similar lists.
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Just a little quest i'm partaking in to possibly find any future favorite films.
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Films I have given 9 stars
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Films that I have given 10 stars and have truly made an impact on me and in some ways culture and how movies are made and are also my favourite movies! Recomendations would be cool! :)
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Games I have rated 9 stars
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The games that I have given 10 stars expect a lot of nintendo games!
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Films that touched me in some way because i'm a massive pansy
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Actors who never cease to put a smile on my face. In no particular order
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Their will come a time when the awesome Matt Smith will hang up his bowtie and call it day. Here are some people I can picture flying the tardis. Of course the BBC will probably cast an unknown actor. The requirements are that the actor needs to be peculiar and eccentric.

Some of these actors have been in Doctor Who before but I think almost every British actor has so I included them anyway.

I personally believe anyone could be the Doctor regeneration is supposed to be random and unpredictable so any british actor will do. (accept maybe Jason Statham) I guess a female doctor could work but it is incredibly risky departure.
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In order, I haven't seen all the classic episodes yet so if there is any glaring episode omissions please tell me i’ll try and check it out. Contains some spoilers
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In order
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I was thinking perhaps Prawn cocktail for starter.
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Another ambitious task i'm undertaking for my Journalism degree in which I have to contact someone who interests me mostly writers.
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Digimon is a massive guilty pleasure for me even during my childhood I was ashamed I was watching this and not Pokemon like all my friends. But Pokemon was incredibly repetitive unlike Digimon which had heart despite the fact these monsters are just computer data. Although Digimon is a guilty pleasure it had a huge impact on my childhood.
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Honourable Mentions
Mass Effect 2
Gears of war 2
Halo 3
Little big planet
L.A Noir
Street fighter 4
Metal Gear Solid 4
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Super Mario Galaxy 2
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TV shows I have rated 9 stars
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In order. Steven Moffat is one of my favourite Doctor who writers. His stories are regarded as some of the best Doctor who has to offer especially the stories he wrote before becoming head writer.
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TV shows that I have given 10 stars.
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Slightly random lists of characters, who I like, admire, make reference to and have left an overall impression on me. In no particular order.