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A cop out ending to an otherwise great film, 11 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Although not a big fan, I like the majority of Tim Burton's work. His talent to create these imaginative, fairy tale worlds is amazing. Edward Scissorhands being in particular, in my opinion, his best work and one of my all-time favourite movies. There's no denying the man has got a gift.

The story starts with a boy named Victor, a relatively normal kid with a normal family. However he doesn't have much friends and spends most of his time with beloved dog, Sparky. One day Sparky gets hit by a car while trying to fetch a baseball. Victor tries and succeeds to bring him back alive. But with everything in life - there's consequences.

So what did I think of Frakenweenie? I thought it was very good. One of Burtons best in years, in fact. Very enjoyable (to both the adults and kids). The movie provided plenty of laughs, tears, excitement, scares and surprises. The atmosphere and style was pure old school Tim Burton, and it was great (Much like most of Tim Burton's work) It was near perfect and I was prepared to give it a 10/10... Until the ending.


The movie should of ended when Sparky died in the windmill. And I'm not saying that because I like miserable dark, depressing endings. I'm saying it because the movie had a great message in it that most kids would benefit from knowing. Most of us lost loved ones in our life, whether it's your family, friends, pets and anyone else. I have. I'd loved nothing but to bring them back. But I can't. So I have to move on with my life. What's the message in this movie for kids? "DONT WORRY! IF SOMEONE CLOSE TO YOU DIES, YOU CAN BRING THEM ALIVE!" No that's rubbish.

And what's even worse about the ending is that they symbolised several times throughout the movie that Sparky shouldn't be alive (Parts of his body falling off, him sleeping by his grave etc.).

So overall; A great movie for the kids and the adults that is very much worth watching. If you're a fan of Tim Burton... You will love it. If you're a fan of Disney... It will be different from what you're used to but still will like it. However, It would of been A lot better without the typical crowd pleasing/manipulative/Steven Spielberg BS ending where everything is resolved in a nice pretty bow and handed to you on a golden plate.


Chronicle (2012)
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Breathtaking & Awesome, 1 February 2012

Wow..just.. this movie left me speechless. It was amazing And to think me and my friends were going to see The Grey. I'm so glad the cinema was full and we watched this instead. I can honestly say I haven't been this entertained and adrenaline rushed since I watched Kick-ass all the way in 2010. This movie is a epic, but not a Lord of the Rings epic, a different kind of epicness. Although this movie is not original in the slightest it is a breath of fresh air, and P.O.V hand-held camera is very well done.

For a movie that has no known actors, I got to say some of the performances are great. Especially by Dane DeHaan. Don't ask why I know but i'm certain he will have a great career ahead of him. Also Michael Kelly as the abusive dad was great. Alex Russel was good too and Michael B. Jorden played role really well as well. But more importantly director Josh Trank debut, which is a great achievement! Bravo Trunk! Bravo. I'll keeping an eye out for his upcoming movies.

Of course there are some bad points. The lack of explanation on how they got their powers. And the bad CGI most notably.

This movie is extremely recommended!

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Only gets good in the last half an hour of the movie, 8 October 2011

I literally just finished watching this movie with my dad and brother, came out rather disappointed.

Before I start telling you why I was disappointed I just want to say that I am huge Rowan Atkinson fan. I also want to say that I really liked the first Johnny English movie. I thought it was a great James Bond/Mission Impossible parody. 

..on to why I am disappointed with this movie. Instead of writing it in a paragraph I will bullet point it. 

•Very predictable- You know a movie is not great when you can figure out the plot in the first 10 minutes. Nothing surprised me or kept me having seconds thoughts.

•Cheap Humour- There's way too much cheap humour in this movie. I mean. When are people going to learn that getting kicked in the balls is not funny? The worst part was at the start of the movie where Johnny English has to drag some rocks with a certain body part I'm not going to name. It was cringe worthy and sick

•The Sidekick- I felt he served no purpose in the movie whatsoever, He was just in the way and didn't do anything. Johnny English done all the work.

•Nothing original- there was few funny scenes but overall- Every joke in this movie has been used a billion times

•Acting- Apart from Rowan Atkinson of course, everyone in this movie was terrible. Even Atkinson performance couldn't save this movie. 

•Really boring in the middle- There's one part of the movie where I actually fell asleep at how boring it was. When I woke up I looked around the audience, Everybody was fidgeting, looking around and generally looked bored out of their skulls. 

...luckily this movie gets funny when Johnny English and his sidekick go to the snowy mountains.. It went from a 2/10 to a 5/10 in the last half an hour.

Unless you got little kids with you, do not see this movie. It's not worth your hard earned money. Not even worth it for Atkinson. Which is a real shame because I really like that man.


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Wow! was a billion times better than expected!!, 17 August 2011

So I came into the cinema expecting an average movie about some apes taking over the world.. boy was I wrong. Instead I got the best summer movie of 2011 hands down!

I'm going to list all the good and bad;

Good. It had everything in it: •Strong but slow developing plot (you can feel the tension building up as the story progresses) •Great acting (Andy Serkis) •Strong script •Emotion (you could really feel Ceaser's was feeling) •Action •AMAZING CGI/live motion capture (not surprising if it's the same people behind Avatar) •And most of all, Andy Serkis was truly amazing as Ceaser and I hope he wins an Oscar.

Bad •The truly pointless girlfriend (Freida Pinto), she had No purpose in this movie except to be the hottie in the background, and there 0% connection between her and Will. •SPOILER* The scene where Steven Jacobs walks into he room and he was surrounded by apes, HOW THE LEMONS DID HE ESCAPE?! •James Franco wasn't right for this role, Don't get me wrong tho he's an awesome actor (especially in 127 hours) but this role just wasn't James Franco.

I strongly STRONGLY recommend ANYBODY to go see this NOW! even if your old, young or whatever you will enjoy this.