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The one with the whales….., 21 August 2004

Yes that one – a Star Trek with a 20th century environmental message – dear oh dear.

They play this one mostly for laughs `Are you sure you won't change your mind?' `Is their something wrong with the one I have?' and so on. Then there is the fantastic set of coincidences – you just knew that the ‘nuklear wessel' would be the USS Enterprise didn't you?

The whales where excellently done it has to be said but apart from that and a few shots of Spacedock, the special effects where pretty limited.

There were also several bits of unexplained nonsense – the dream sequence during the time warp, the fact the entire interior of the Klingon ship had mysteriously had a complete makeover and the entire unbelievably embarrassingly transparent aluminium formula plot.

The soundtrack grated as well, it just did not fit in with the established style of Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner who had scored ST1 and 2 plus 3 respectively.

All in all a bit silly but at least Kirk got his Enterprise back in the end….

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Now this is how you make a Trek film….., 21 August 2004

This has got decent special effects, a well written intelligent plot, some wonderful acting and the best bad guys in the business - our old friends the Borg.

The Borg had a bit of a makeover for their first film appearance and benefited from it, had they used the previous TV series Borg, this would have been laughed at as cheap.

Also new is the Enterprise ‘E' which as per standard Trek, the Borg and indeed everyone else proceed to take apart and wreck. An impressive ship with an amazing and well detailed selection of sets for the interior no doubt but rather obviously one that has been specifically designed to look good on the big screen unlike its predecessor.

Once again however we do dip into that well trodden field of Data's emotions and human development, thankfully this is kept to a fair minimum. Indeed with the wonderfully put together scenes on the Earth of the past and its characters, we can forgive the scriptwriters a little bit.

Strong performances all round, notably Patrick Stewart as ever but also from pretty much everyone in the supporting cast, even the cameo by Voyager's holographic doctor!

All in all a very assimilating Trek film and probably the last decent one of the series, certainly the best of the Next Generation crew's efforts.

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Probably the best in the series…., 21 August 2004

Well certainly the best of the original crew films anyway. This is what they should have done with the first film as we return to the plot of one of the more popular of the original series episodes and see the return of the man Kirk banished, bent on revenge.

Throw in the plot about the Genesis device (which managed to rumble on or another two films) and you have a good heady mix of action and drama.

This really works because of two key features: 1) They managed to get Ricardo Montablan to reprise the role of Khan and 2) the chemistry between the two adversaries is electric. Montablans acting is superb, assisted by a well written, directed and acted script and lots of special effects with real explosions – none of your CGI rubbish here!

Of the original crew films, only Star Trek VI comes close to this beauty……

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Nowhere near as bad as many say…, 21 August 2004

All right the ‘God' plot was a load of cobblers and the ending pretty poor (was the production crew having a sweepstake on how many minutes of clambering about on rocks they could legitimately squeeze in?) but the rest of it was pretty good.

Some recycled sets (those corridors look strangely familiar if you are a fan of Star Trek The Next Generation!) and the apparent total lack of crew (the regulars plus about two engineers and a rather confused looking lady Ensign on the bridge) meant this was done on the cheap but it does not suffer too much.

We will overlook the obvious clanger with the deck numbers (i.e. about forty decks too many and at one moment in the wrong order!) and the Klingons where little more than a sideshow but the main ‘bad guy' (except he isn't really) was well acted, it seems a pity he did not have more to do really.

The new Enterprise's troubles add an interesting and amusing side plot but I wonder like many others just what would have this film have been without the studio interference and a better budget?

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Nothing more than a two hour collection of plot devices….., 21 August 2004

Basically this film had a list of purposes – put Kirk and Picard together in the same film, explain why we had thus far never seen an Enterprise B and get rid of Enterprise D and all of its seven year old sets so they can have a nice shiny new ship in the next film.

This is achieved with a ludicrous set of plot devices, the silly Nexus energy ribbon thing and the mad Doctor Soran where little more than tools used to get Kirk and Picard together and finish off Enterprise D in the process.

All in all a bit flat, also the much over used Data emotions plot was recycled from the TNG series YET AGAIN resulting in some unnecessary and quite frankly embarrassingly bad scenes.

Still, they achieved their aims I suppose and the wrecking of the Enterprise D was nicely done but surely Geordi could have sorted out a little warp core breach without too much trouble?

Never mind, the TNG crew would be back with a vengeance in the next instalment…

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Send in the Klingons……, 21 August 2004

Well the plot is a little thin here, little more than the rescue and recovery of Spock, interrupted along the way by some passing nutty Klingons. There seems to be nowhere near as much substance to this film unlike its wonderful predecessor, however again the intelligent dialogue from the second Trek film is also present here and it was wonderful to see the return of another character from the original series played by the same actor, this time Mark Lenard as Spock's father and Vulcan Ambassador Sarek.

The special effects are turned out well even though the seemingly endless Genesis planet gradually disintegrating scenes started to grate after a while. One oddity that just did not work however was the change of actress for Vulcan Lt Saavik whilst the Commander of the Klingon vessel was just a plain loon.

There where some great comedy moments, McCoy in the bar trying to perform a Vulcan neck pinch, the whole USS Excelsior debacle with one of the best stutters and stops I have ever seen and Kirk's wonderful riposte to the Klingon Commander from the Genesis planet after the Enterprise has been destroyed along with most of the Klingon crew – cest la vie!

All right but not one of the best, still watchable none the less.

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One of the best of the series, 21 August 2004

This is where the Trek franchise showed what it could really do when they put their mind and wallets into it.

An excellent plot with the Klingons, conspiracy theories, wonderful dialogue and huge helpings of Romulan Ale all conspire to produce a wonderful film with great entertainment value, stunning cinematography and great action.

This was also the film that marked the end for (most) of the regular Star Trek original crew including long lost Ensign/Yeoman and finally Commander Rand (communications officer on the bridge of the Excelsior this time following at least two other appearances in the previous Trek films I have noticed thus far).

Kirk, Chekov and Scotty would resurface again in the next instalment and some of the original crew also managed to pop up in the TNG series but for most this was the last hurrah and what a hurrah it was.

Sadly it was also the end of the Trek for the original series creator Gene Rodenberry who died not long after this film was completed. From here on in it was obvious his vision and tight quality control was lost as successive episodes in the Trek franchise began to flag and lose their way.

Commando (1985)
A Comedy Classic……, 10 August 2004

If you want to see a prime example of the zenith f 1980's gun ho action movies then Commando should be your intended destination.

It is quite simply hilarious. It has everything you need – corny one liners at every turn, violence, dizzy female side kick, violence, nutty villains and associated loons, violence, Arnie flexing the muscles, did I mention violence?

There is also the obligatory Arnie film scene in an Army Surplus store as Arnie gets tooled up with a wide variety of mad weaponry – where have we seen something like that before?

And then we see Arnie take on an entire army single handed with just two machine guns, a couple of grenades and the odd anti personnel mine or three and manages to finish off every single one of them with barely a scratch.

It is clear that by the second half of the film, everyone had given up taking it seriously as some of the scenarios where so ridiculously (and unintentionally) funny that it descended into wonderful slapstick and weird plot holes `Look here is a picture of an amphibian aircraft' being a prime example of unlikely coincidence and sends much of the audience into fits of giggles every time it is shown.

It does have some very surreal moments – that title sequence was very strange – just what was the deer all about? And Jenny managing to spot from some considerable distance away that the Bell Jet Ranger helicopter belonged to the Army was also bizarre – she have bionic sight or something?

Still, despite its foibles, this is a hugely enjoyable romp with line that you will be quoting ad infinitum for days afterwards. It is a rime example of 1980's action film and sadly they don't make them like this anymore……

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Dire sequel to a timeless classic – what happened?, 9 August 2004

In the ever present Hollywood dash for cash, it seemed inevitable that the wonderful Conan the Barbarian would get a sequel, and what a total turkey it was.

Where do we start? Well the plot basically has Conan on a quest in search of that seemingly illusive and rare item in this film – a decent script.

Accompanying him are a rat tag bunch of loons including a double crossing heavy, a dumb blonde bird with a bad English accent, the Chinese wizard from the first film, Grace Jones (this just gets funnier folks!) and a desperately unfunny comedy sidekick thief who serves no useful purpose whatsoever and should have been left on the cutting room floor.

Add to this some atrocious editing and cinematography plus the cut and shut job on the recycled soundtrack from the first Conan movie and you have this utter turkey.

Even the sword fight scenes, a strength of the original, where badly scripted and edited and let this film down enormously.

And that is before we have even mentioned the dreadful crystal castle that creaks and groans for no adequately explored reason – either that or it has a serious termite problem. Then there is the weird gorilla in the red frock with the mirror fixation and finally the monster at the end, a sort of one horned turd that looks like he was knocked up cheap in someone's lunch break.

All in all a mess – go watch the original and only look at this if you are seriously desperate and the DVD is in the bargain bin – trouble is the R2 release is pretty dire as well!

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An all time classic…., 9 August 2004

This has everything, exciting action, sword fights, a well written script and probably one of the best ‘Sword and Sorcery' genre bad guys in the form of the wonderfully evil James Earl Jones in a role he seemed born for.

The action sequences are excellently executed with great swordsman ship and stunt work as Arnie does his usual trick of despatching several hundred goons almost single handed.

Add a great soundtrack by Basil Poledouris and some wonderful cinematography and all in all you have an entertaining and exciting film that has been rarely bettered.

Pity about the sequel…..

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