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Three (1969/I)
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Unique film, 28 August 2003

I only saw part of this film on one of the movie channels in a motel room on the morning of checkout. Almost made me miss the checkout time as I couldn't quit watching the movie. Even though I hadn't seen the beginning of the film, and wasn't entirely sure what was going on, I had the movie equivalent of "couldn't put the book down". I think the reason why was because it felt very real. I felt as though I was watching these characters real lives on a real trip to Europe. The style of the film with it's slow, quiet pace was certainly something you won't see in many movies. If this movie was made today, I'm sure that there would have to be a jewel heist, a couple of car chases, and somebody passing gas for our amusement. I saw that this film was the directorial debut of a writer (forget the name), so maybe he didn't know that he wasn't supposed to make a film this way. Thank God for that!

By the way, does anyone know where this film can be purchased, so I can see the whole thing?