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From Satirist to Sycophant, 6 December 2016

Colbert won at Television – he said it himself. I gave the Colbert Report a 10/10 review on IMDb when it began.

The Report was the biggest thing on YouTube when it started because he was giving people more truth than the rest of the media and then Viacom had him removed. CBS have allowed him a YouTube channel. Unfortunately this is not the Colbert of old. If, like me, you don't like the media's lies and want to see people pointing out narcissistic ego-madness and laugh at it then this is not for you.

The old Colbert show was hilariously funny from the first episode. The format was incredible. From the very beginning I loved the narcissistic jokes; people cheering for an idiot on TV. It never bothered me that most of the audience were unaware of the ironic quality of their cheering. Colbert running in front of the guest and taking the applause was fantastic every time. It mocked the media and the audience. I loved the Report. It was packed with brilliant topical jokes and the interviews were often cutting and insightful. It was, for years, 22 minutes of brilliance. In the last few months of the Report, and increasingly towards the end; it degenerated into a not funny festival of sycophant-ism. The interviews became passive and non confrontational and the jokes started going that way also.

So how is the new show? It's been over a year – I feel that I've given it a chance... It is awful. It is mostly saccharine drivel. The political views of Colbert or his guests and the jokes seem ill-thought out and ill-willed. It's like they live on another planet.

The election 2016 was ugly. There were many personal attacks on anyone who was against Hillary. I'm so glad Clinton did not win.

It has been pathetic to see Colbert trying to pass off political attacks as comedy. And even more pathetic to see him complement and promote obviously corrupt and criminal people. This is the POLAR OPPOSITE of his old show.

It doesn't look too different on the surface. On the old show Colbert played a shallow fool but this is shallow show for fools. Colbert seems the same and the writing seems the same. It is the format of this new show that compromises what Colbert did best. Colbert was at his best at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. That old Colbert is gone. The new format will not allow it.

Colbert appears to have transitioned from sweet honey into toxic brain numbing aspartame.

The interviews are an abomination. There are not jokes as I could recognise them. I do not care about which celebrity is eating which other celebrity's cake. Why would I care about that? I find these late night celebrity interviews sickening. The Report had great interviews but that is over. It is sad to see Colbert D fanged. Long time fans will be wondering if he will ever "nail" a guest again.

He had an easy chance with Donald Trump as a guest early on. He looked like he was going to nail him, he could have done it. To use Colbert's own analogy; he failed to hit the meatball out of the park.

The is not a bad variety show. The show's agenda is probably to ingratiate Colbert with the mainstream network audience. I think going on about his Catholic beliefs will hinder that. It was funny when he was a joke character and you could laugh at him. Having sacrificed his satirical edge he has little to offer an audience.

In conclusion; If you were a fan of the Colbert Report; what is there for you? Up to 20 minutes of a watered down version of his old show. The genius of the Colbert character was that he was relaxed about the ongoing collective human madness we are all involved in. He was an absurd joke of a man; going along with the exploitation of this madness. Guests would try to ingratiate themselves with this idiot and make a fool out of themselves. Now he is part of it. He has signed up with the exploiters, I guess he always was. Maybe the joke was on me. The change is that it isn't as funny anymore. Jokes about selling your soul to the devil fall flat when you are playing yourself. It comes off as sad rather than a joke. To echo what another reviewer has said on IMDb: I love you, I miss you.

This is so sad; it is worse than not having Colbert on TV at all. The experiment has not worked: Just end the show and let Stephen go.

I think that when we will look back: The worst thing Colbert ever did will be those Joe Biden interviews.

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They should be showing Colbert re-runs in this time-slot., 14 April 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I assume that Nightly is filmed in the same studio the Report was. You can hear the audience chanting the name of the presenter at the beginning of many episodes; as they did with Colbert. Larry looks rightly uncomfortable with this. He has done nothing to deserve the level adulation and applause he is getting in the months the show has now been on.

This time slot has been reduced to what I think was always intended; a presenter from a different ethnic group promoting exactly the same opinions as Stewart.It would have been better if this was just a panel show.

Larry has, for several weeks now, had many golden opportunities to discuss, with some excellent guests, some serious topics and be a positive force in the world or at least make entertaining TV. The producers have squandered every opportunity do this. When covering the news or during the round-table they do there best prevent any reasonable discourse taking place. The NIGHTLY SHOW CONTRIBUTORS are the worst thing about the show. You don't know them, they are unlikeable and their only contribution is to shout about how selfish they are.

Larry and the NIGHTLY SHOW CONTRIBUTORS succeed in bringing everything down to a crude and stupid level that makes the audience boo and groan. Larry seems to love this. He seems very happy to just giggles away at the failure. He has often used a term: "KEEP IT 100" to appeal to the audience to accept ignorant or hateful race-baiting. "We're KEEPING IT 100" he says: encouraging the audience to cheer in support for disgraceful statements because they are honest. I expect a lot more exploitative confusing slogans to be promoted on this show to manipulate audience behaviour.

The show has a schizophrenic tone. Larry often seems to be telling the audience what to do or not do. He seems bored most of the time and then gets very excited at odd things.

Recently Larry was doing dares based on the outcome of sporting events. It was unclear to me if there was any reason he was doing this, I don't remember him mentioning a charity. As an outcome of this arbitary challenge to himself he announced he would be hosting the show in spandex. He was so happy, he couldn't stop giggling. He told the audience as they cheered "No No. I don't want to do this. This isn't good. So I want all of you post pictures of yourselves in spandex with the #spandexsolidarity.". So you don't like it but you want us all to do it. Larry you are bat**** crazy, and not in a good way. I saw the beginning of the spandex show and I've never seen Larry happier or more animated. So clearly he is a liar and I hope to never watch his show again.

Colbert had built up a fantastically loyal viewer base for this time slot. It should have gone to the character P.K. WINSOME from The Colbert Report played by Tim Meadows. There are few satirists and Colbert proved it is a very popular format. A satirical show would clearly have been much more entertaining and successful. Tim Meadows has already been, by far, the funniest thing to appear on the Nightly show.

IN SHORT: This show is Jon Stewart's egomaniacal Part 2 of a 1 hour long 'The Daily Show'. Larry Wilmore is a feckin disgrace. When this TRAIN WRECK is over maybe someone could give the time slot to Tim Meadows.

Thank you Colbert for making a great show for 9 years. They should be showing Colbert re-runs in this time-slot. It would be cheaper and much better than this.

Frost on Satire (2010) (TV)
no Colbert or Morris, 10 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This broad-gram features a selection of televisual satirists talking about what they do. It is interesting what the selected interviewees say. Frost reiterates a few simple questions such as "can satire change the world?". The BBC claims this is an "investigation into the power of political satire". I would describe it as a self-congratulatory establishment pat on the back for David Frost and a selection of media personalities that came after him.

Sadly there is no mention of Chris Morris or Stephen Colbert clearly the two most important satirists of modern times. Colbert is great. Check out his historic 2006 white house correspondents dinner performance.

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a great movie destroyed by Natalie Portman accent, 12 February 2008

Yes the plot of this movie is good, I should have enjoyed it. However I found it unpleasant to sit through. Natalie Portman's accent was too much of a detachment from reality.

The UK has an extremely wide variety of accents. There is more diversity of English language accents within the UK than outside. For example the difference between a Scottish accent, a Liverpool accent and a Cornish accent is greater than the difference between a Californian, a New Zealander and a Londoner.

However in all my travels (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK) I have never heard anyone sound at all like Natalie Portman's character Evey. She appears to be using a similar accent to the one she used for Padmé in Star Wars.

It is not a matter of "correct pronunciation". Even her pronunciation of the letter "V" is unfamiliar to me. It sounds like "vaye" and this spoils the entire film at a fundamental level.

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The Best US TV Satire In History, 21 October 2005

Colbert has made the best satirical TV show in US history.

This 22 minute show is three shows. So I'd say Stephen Colbert has made the best three satirical US TV shows. With Jon Stewart's Daily Show in fourth place.

First this is a show that spoofs the stupid US news TV. With a segment The Word which is comedy GOLD.

Second this is a talk show where Stephen walks into a set where the guest is already sitting or standing sometimes in the dark. He runs in front of them and takes all the applause. There is no time for applause for the guest. Stephen is a one of histories greatest interviewers.

Third it is an investigative reporting show which is more honest and insightful than the US "media manipulated" news and makes a genuine connection with the audience.

I wish I could buy stocks in Stephen. Two word review: "Thankyou Colbert!".