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Black Force (1975)
Great Friday Night Flick!
14 May 2006
This movie is a lot of fun. AQ bunch of brothers running around doing kung-fu on each other. The box shows a couple of guys with guns but I don't recall any weapons being used in the movie. The production is horrible and the story is really bad but if you drink or smoke enough, this movie is wonderful! The sound effects make the movie. Imagine getting kicked in the stomach and it sounding like someone chopping wood! The dialog is funny and the fight scenes are choreographed like an 8th grade production of "West Side Story". This movie is easy to find on the auction sites and can be had for under $1. You can also pick up Black Force 2 for a few pennies if you really have the urge to waste away a Friday night. Don't watch this while sober.
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Land of the Dead - not too bad.
24 June 2005
I went in to this movie expecting the worst and couldn't have been more wrong. Romero did a good job keeping to what he does best- zombie and social commentary. The special effects and gore were really good and "Dead Reckoning" doesn't look as much like a DAWN OF THE DEAD (remake) parking shuttle, as it does in the trailers. I did feel that they introduced "Big Daddy" way to early in the film and overused him. I would have enjoyed the movie more if he was just another zombie. Cameo's by Simon Pegg, Tom Savini, and Edgar Wright were barely noticeable. I would have liked to see more "daytime" scenes but I don't think that is what Romero had in mind. Overall, it was a fun movie that had a few sudden scares and some good humor.
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Chick flick that guys will love!
11 April 2004
I checked out this movie last night and I thought it was great. I thought it was going to be some sleeze ball comedy and I was right. The funny thing is my wife loved it because of the love story. Lots of plot twists makes for a really good ending. Superb writing and great casting make this movie. Elisha Cuthbert will be a leading lady after this role but I wish she would have had a larger speaking role rather than being the "eye candy" of the film. Timothy Olyphant stills the show as the bad boy porn producer.Was a little disappointed to see a porno related movie without a cameo from Ron Jeremy. If you are looking for a great date movie and can take raunch comedy, this is your movie. A must see for the T&A fans! This is not the movie to take the family to see.
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