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One thing I want to make very clear that this is not a list of best lesbian themed films or TV series. The titles that made this list have got highly sensual and erotic lesbian sex scenes. I haven't tried to put them in any order, so be sure to check all the titles. Guys will love these. I myself haven't seen all the films listed here. The list is yet incomplete. I will soon update with 70-80 more movies. If you have any recommendations that meet the list criteria, please leave a comment for me. Check out the following, they are not listed in IMDB, very hot though. 1. All About Anna (2005) 2. Q (2011) 3.Amour de Femme (2011) 4. Emmanuelle Through Time:
Emmanuelle's Supernatural Activities (2011) 5. Intimate games (1976) 6. Emanuelle (1974).
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I have listed english language films only, in no particular order. I will update this list frequently. I haven't listed any animation films here since I haven't seen much of those. I hope all of you guys find this list interesting. Please let me know your personal favourites in these type of films, and also suggest some titles that you think I'll love.

Check out my list for all time TOP 100 FILMS (in order) here :
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This list is NOT in order. Suggestions are welcome.
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In this list I have tried to include the best english language guy films from the last 25 years. Feel free to suggest any necessary additions to this list and also my watchlist. The movies are listed chronologically according to their respective years of release. Most of these movies contain enough testosterone to turn a village of vegetarian lesbians into a meat-eating Roman orgy. Enjoy!
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You don’t usually hear the phrases “critically acclaimed” and “erotic movie” in the same sentence, so that’s a good reason to list the top 10 critically acclaimed erotic movies. It’s a sad fact of modern cinema that so few sexy films are really good, and so few good films are really sexy. Here’s a double handful of movies that are both.
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Everyone loves a movie with a good twist, and the Hollywood engine knows that and exploits it. Almost every film that comes out now has at least one twist or another, but some really stand out for their brilliance or shock value. This is the list of the 25 best film twists.