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Some of my favourite Thrillers ;)
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Very Good Dramas :)
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In Quest Of Action? Adventure? Fantasy? ;)
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Need/Wanna a Laugh?
Those are the films which boosted up my mood :)If u need a nice entertaining moment, or u had a heartbreak ... or even u feeling depressive i highly recommend u check at least 1 of these films out ;) Enjoy!
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If you liked same films i did, probability says chances are high you like those you didnt c those i watched n liked ;)enjoy! :)
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These horror movies will deal mainly with supernatural stories, science fiction, ghosts, may include vampire stories, satanism, haunted houses.
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My Fav Animations/ Cartoons/ Fantasies Of All times :)
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Tv Shows That Can Be Enjoyed In Family ;)
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For Romance, Comedy & Happy Ending Lovers ;)