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Warrior (2011)
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FANTASTIC MOVIE...can't believe it hasn't gotten more attention. 10/10, 22 September 2011

Grab your popcorn, buy your soda..and get ready for a great movie.

From start to finish, this movie will have you hooked. There is no weak spot in this movie. The acting is amazing. The story is great. The music is catchy. You will get emotionally invested throughout this story.

This movie will make you FEEL something. This movie will ENTERTAIN you.

This film has great drama, action, and story. I walked out of the movie being so impressed, and in shock how this hadn't gotten more attention or done better at the box office.

This movie is a MUST SEE. And I'm pretty picky. Enjoy.

Fast Five (2011)
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Awesome Movie..really gets you going, 13 June 2011

I went into this movie with big expectations with Vin Diesel & The Rock in it. This movie surpassed my expectations by A LOT. Simply put, this movie is AWESOME. I saw this movie at 11 PM at night and when I got out I was so pumped up to do...anything.

This movie has a GOOD story. GREAT scenes. GREAT actions. I really enjoyed this movie, and I'm a picky one.

My favorite movie since the first one..and I actually think this may have been even better.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW. IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT IT, GO! It will be worth it..I rated it 10/10. I can't imagine anyone rating it less then a 7.5 and that would be weird to me.