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please leave comments! i love to hear from u and please tell me if the movies i listed are great or if any of them will waste a good hour of my life :D enjoy! no order!
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best movies of all time in my opinion. classic and new movies. let me know if i missed any :). p.s. i didn't put them in order from least to greatest. it was too hard to chose :) i am always adding to this list also!!
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no order... but leave comments it could be about anything i would love to hear from u and ur opinions! im always adding moves!!
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i was disappointed to get excited to watch these movies then have them be terrible. please leave me a comment if u agree or disagree i love to hear from u! :D p.s. in no particular order
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i would like to see these actors act in a horror film. i have to say i want to see adam sandler act in a horror film the most :) if u think i forgot one and or disagree with me let me know. enjoy the list :) p.s. they are in no particular order AND PLEASE TELL ME IF ANYONE OF THESE ACTORS ARE IN ANY THRILLER/ HORROR MOVIES :) thank u very much :)
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the best actors that ever lived in my opinion and i forgot to put them in order from greatest to least. and if you think i missed any write a comment :)
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these are the actors i would put in an action/thriller/ or horror movie i were to make :) please leave comments!! i love to hear from u and tell me if u disagree or agree with me!! or if i left anyone out!! thanks!! under construction always :)!!!