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Cosmopolis (2012)
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The monotonic conversations put me off, 8 May 2013

I really tried to like this movie but it was not that interesting to watch. I can see that Robert Pattinson has the potential to be a good actor but his part in Cosmopolis did not do him well. He really needs to get better parts in movies in order to shine through as a good Hollywood actor and not only be seen as the guy from Twilight.

A lot of my friends said that they did not want to watch Cosmopolis because he was a part of the movie but I gave it a chance and was somewhat disappointed. I was incredibly bored and the highlights did not excite me at all. I think that if the movie would have been edited in a different, more action filled way it might have been a better success, instead there were just a lot of monotonic conversations which made me not want to listen to the subjects they were talking about. Cosmopolis could have been a lot more in my opinion.

Argo (2012)
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Thrilling and authentic, 30 March 2013

While watching the Academy Award Show this year I was surprised to see that Argo won the prize for best picture. I've heard a lot of nice things about Argo prior to the award show and now I finally decided to watch it.

It really amazes me how talented Ben Affleck really is as a producer/director/actor, this movie was very engaging and thrilling, and the fact that it is based on actual events makes it even more interesting. I really liked the authenticity because I really felt like I was brought back to the seventies, and at first I couldn't help giggling at the mustaches, haircuts and glasses, these reminded me of the old photos I've seen of my parents and their friends.

All in all Argo is an awesome movie about conflicts between countries and about situations were people get stuck in these conflicts. Argo was great from beginning to end and I just want to give a very big thumbs up to all the people who made this movie.

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Too much Glee, 12 November 2012

I was really excited to see this movie when I first saw the trailer. I'm a huge fan of the 80's glam rock and heavy metal, so I thought that this movie would be awesome. But when I started watching the movie I immediately got the impression that this is some kind of Glee smelling teen flick. They took all these fantastic glam rock/heavy metal songs and transformed them to something completely different. Also I was completely turned off by Julianne Hough's 'whiny' vocals, maybe she can sing but this is absolutely NOT the genre of music she should be representing.

One thing I really loved by this movie was Tom Cruise and the songs he performed. I was really impressed by his performance and his vocals.

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Stone characters reminded me of Jim Henson's 'Dinosaurs', 5 November 2012

I'm just trying to understand why this movie was made with so little effort. The plot could have worked but these filmmakers totally trashed the lovable concept of the magical Neverending story. The magic that captured me in the first two movies is non existent in this one.

I cherished The Neverending Story 1 and 2 when I was a child, and I remember these stories being much more tragic and more magical. In this movie they made the characters a whole lot more silly than they had to be, and they have totally changed the looks of the characters. For instance the stone people were ridiculous and reminded me about Henson's TV-series 'Dinosaurs'. Falcor's looks have totally changed, I'm wondering if they did burn the Falcor puppet from the other movies? The only thing I loved about this movie, was Jack Black's performance. If it wasn't for him I would rate this movie with 0%.

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Men in black travel back in time, 17 June 2012

They are keeping up the standards for sure. Men in Black 3 is every ounce as good as the two previous movies.

It is nice to see Will Smith return after being off screen for about 3 years, he always does a great job. Tommy Lee Jones does not have as much screen time as I would've hoped for I must say that Josh Brolin does a fantastic impersonation of Tommy Lee Jones. I laughed so much when Josh Brolin first started speaking, he nailed the voice and facial expressions.

I loved the idea of time travel and seeing aliens in the past, and Bill Hader made a hilarious portrayal of Andy Warhol.

Men in Black 3 has a solid & clever plot and a lot of great special effects. I will probably purchase this one on bluray once it gets released.

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Witless & pointless, 17 June 2012

This movie was running on one of my channels, so I decided to watch it. I found it very difficult to sit through the entire movie because it was simply terrible.

First of all, I'm not an American so I don't know much about Larry the Cable Guy. I haven't seen him in any movies or television series, and after watching this movie I wonder why he's so famous. He was not funny at all in this movie.

Second, they show Jenny McCarthy on the poster as if she has a lot to do with this movie, she was probably on screen for about 5-10 minutes in total. They obviously put her on the poster to lure people to watch the movie. So I'd expect Jenny McCarthy fans to be quite disappointed with this feature.

Witless Protection was witless and pointless. The movie was all over the place and I did not care much for any of the characters. I would not recommend my friends to watch this movie for any reason. Time would be better spent in any other place.

Quite an original idea, 16 June 2012

This is quite an original idea, I've never heard of invisible aliens driven by electricity before. But I was a bit turned off by the mediocre acting skills. Most of the cast are portraying youngsters so there isn't much need for great acting talents.

The special effects were great but there wasn't that much to it because the aliens were in fact invisible. The poster implies that this is a low budget movie. I guess you have to be a science fiction fan in order to like this movie because it does not have much more to it to like. I do not think that this movie was bad but it was not good either, it was just average.

For those people who think this is the worst movie they've ever seen, they should watch Robotropolis, I would like to see what they think after that.

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Great accomplishment for first-time director, 16 June 2012

I haven't heard anything about this movie prior to watching it. I saw Mr. Rush on the casting list and decided that I wanted to see it. I found this movie to be very interesting and different.

I am a sucker for beautiful visual effects, therefore I found this movie to be worthy of a high rating. Everything seemed very different because of the combination of various genres (western, action, martial arts, comedy & romance). I have also got a new found respect for Kate Bosworth because she pulled the part of so beautifully. This is a major accomplishment for director Sngmoo Lee, as this is his first movie ever.

But my all time favorite thing about this movie was the adorable little baby. I loved her cute facial expressions.

50/50 (2011)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a diamond in the rough, 25 April 2012

This movie really surprised me, I did not expect much because I did not see any trailer or ads for this movie before I started watching it but I got a really great experience. Surprisingly Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogen had a really good chemistry going on, and the movie crosses a really tragic subject together with some great humor, so it got a bit emotional at times.

I'm set to believe that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been a 'diamond in the rough' and he has really begun to shine as an actor these last few years. He's come a long way since '3rd Rock from the Sun'. I'm also grown real fond of Seth Rogen, he's really different and charming in a way.

This movie is definitely one to watch if you're in need to get some cheering up on a rainy day.

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The same old story, worn out, 15 April 2012

I knew that I should have stopped after the first movie but I couldn't resist because of my curiosity.

Cruel Intentions 3 did not offer anything new, it just shows us the same old story for the third time. The characters in this movie do not seem authentic at all, everything is just plain dumb. I guess that young teenagers will perhaps find it entertaining because of their curiosity to the sexual subjects and all, but its simply a waste of life to watch this movie all the way through if you're just a little bit matured.

I really hope that they will stop making more movies in this series, the story is worn out and not at all interesting anymore.

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