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Iron Man 3 (2013)
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Awesome action, witty humor and decent plot line equals a great first time watch., 26 April 2013

After watching Marvel's last, The Avengers, everybody had high expectations from this one. Even though Iron Man 3 is no where close to Avengers, that doesn't mean its any short of awesome.

Definitely better than last Iron Man movie. Watching it in 3D is a real treat. Action seq. are great and rivals those of Avengers. Background score is good as well. It keeps adrenaline pumping throughout the movie.

Plot is at best average. But plot has never been the strong side of IM movies. Witty humor, awesome action and RD Jr. has made it what it is.

Overall, the movie is a great first watch. Go with your friends for a great 120 min. Action-10/10. Background score- 9/10. Plot- 8/10. Robert Downey Jr.-11/10. Overall 9/10.

Talaash (2012)
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Not by Aamir's Standards, but still a good movie., 30 November 2012

Good movie. Brilliant plot and great direction. Aamir Khan, after a long wait of three years since his last blockbuster, 3 Idiots, has given another potential blockbuster. Movie is simply amazing.

Plot is the back bone of the movie. Director, Reema Kagti, has successfully tried to keep the mystery going through out the movie.

Suspense is highly underused genre in Bollywood. I can count decent Bollywood suspense movies on my fingers. My till-the-date favorite being 36 China Town, which is now replaced by Talaash. I hope this movie's success(which is going to be tremendous, but not even close to 3 Idiots), motivates other top actors and directors to exploit this genre.

Aamir Khan was very convincing as a cop. His character(Surjan Singh Sekhawat) was flawed and that's what I liked about it. Its a trend in Bollywood to make the protagonist, perfect, having no flaws at all. Ironically, Mr. Perfectionist's character in this movie was most flawed.

Even though he has been better, Aamir's acting in this movie was by no means, bad. He was good. But he's been better.

Out of Kareena and Rani, in my opinion, Rani was better. She was just perfect at what she was doing. She was living it.

Kareena, I think, yet again like Heroine, was trying too hard. She is one of the best actresses if not the best in Bollywood. So no one can say she was bad. Its just, out of three, she takes the third spot.

Biggest drawback of the movie was its music. Some scene lacked thrill because of poor background score.. Some songs were a bit dull as well.

Overall, movie was good. A MUST watch. Go for it. If not for Aamir then for a very rare Bollywood thriller.

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Tries and fails to make us laugh!, 13 November 2012

Son of Sardar is a movie starring Ajay Devgan directed by Ashwani Dhir, known for his successful direction in Atithi Tum Kab Jaaoge and One Two Three. If you've watched any of these two movies, you know one thing. His movie doesn't really have plot but still does good on box-office because of its witty jokes and punches.

Similarly, SOS doesn't really have a plot(or at least a convincing one). But that's not why its rated 4. The reason is that there is nothing in the movie to sit though its agonizing 2 and half hour.

First half is good enough. With some jokes making you laugh. But it gets boring as the clock ticks by. A good joke looses its humor the second time.

I really had high hopes from the movie as earlier comedy movies of Ajay Devgan had been really good like Golmaal 3 or All The Best. But this is yet another Bol Bachachan. Both being the remakes of movie most must've watched before.

But its not all that bad. If you "loved" Bol Bachachan or One Two Three, give it a try.

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His last and his best.., 13 November 2012

Amazong plot, great direction and brilliant acting is what that sum up to a good movie. JTHJ had all three of them.

Being one of the most anticipated Bollywood movie of the year(SRK's only movie), audiences had high hopes. I doubt any of them would have been disappointed. From the very beginning to the end, it was terrific. Three best thing about this movie were its plot, A. R. Rahman's music and SRK. His acting was brilliant, but that's hardly a surprise. Katrina, after a long time since Namastey London, has given a convincing role. Her chemistry with SRK was great. But even with her relatively small role, I think Anushka Sharma came on top with her acting and unmatched facial expressions.

Movie isn't all. You'll keep guessing how its going to end and it will surprise you. Its unpredictability is another factor you won't find anybody yawning.

Summ- One of the best romantic movie to ever been made. Do NOT miss it. I would give it 11 on10, but that will be a wee bit difficult. Mr. Yash Chopra's last movie is probably his best. RIP Sir!

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Not as powerful as last three.. but still good., 2 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dimmest of the season. But still very good. I was expecting a lot from this episode but was let down..a bit. The biggest let down for me was the Damon-Elena scenes. Totally lacked the emotions it had in first two episodes. **SPOILERS AHEAD** A witch formed The Brotherhood of Five(witches are behind everything!) to wipe out the vampire race once and for all. BOF is quite interesting but I don't know where they are planning to take it. Hunters came and went through the series. Som e died, some became vampire and one became Damon's best buddy. But if Connor is any indication, BOF is dangerous. Klaus and Stefen teaming up seemed a bit hurried, but hey! anything for Elena, right? There's a cure! That completely blew me off. Waiting to see how Damon will take the news of Stefan hiding the truth about Connor and cure when he finds out(he will!) seeing as their relationship is already a bit strained. For the first time I felt bad for Rebekah. Another new character! Suspense! I love that. I really hope next episode will be better than this. And more Delena scenes, please?

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Suspense, thrill, emotion. All in one., 19 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Another superb episode. Definitely deserves a 10 on 10. From the very beginning to the end it was perfection. Amazing plot, suspense and emotion. "Elena is having problems keeping animal blood down. So, quite unexpectedly she turns to Damon for help. She drink's from him, which according to Damon is kind of personal. Connor Jordan's mystery tattoo has really got me excited. Hope to see more of Jeremy in action(yes! he's one of my favorite character. Damon's way of mourning Alaric was so Damon-ish." Be it Tyler's courage during memorial or Alaric's "I miss you too, buddy," TVD is definitely going to get better. And by better, I mean really really good.