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One of the best movies of 2011, 19 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

''Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2'' is certainly a nice movie. The Harry Potter film series ended with this movie. This movie has been made wonderfully. Though some may say that there are many dissimilarities in the film from the book, I think that the Battle of Hogwarts scenes were made wonderfully.

I really loved the memories of Snape. Throughout the series, Severus Snape is shown as an emotionless person, but in the memories, his real identity is introduced. The scenes of Snape's memories very touching, and its the best thing I liked about this movie.

The fight between Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagoll was amazing.

The scene where Molly kills Bellatrix is quite exciting.

The epilogue was also nice.

Some bad sides: Ron and Hermione were chased by Nagini in the film. But in the book, they are fighting against the Death Eaters. The background story of Dumbledore is completely missing in the film.

Overall, this movie was very nice, except having a few dissimilarities to the book.

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A very, very nice adaption of Shakespeare's play, 1 August 2011

''As You Like It'' by William Shakespeare has been, for long, my favorite play. I like this play very much. So I was very excited when I began to see this movie. And when the movie ended, I was amazed, because the film is so beautiful and nicely made, that everyone would like it.

Kenneth Branagh uses his talent to direct this film. The witty and funny elements in the play has been made more funny in the film by the efforts of Branagh. He's a talented filmmaker. The music, the casting- all are beautiful. Everyone will like this film.

Branagh has directed the film so nicely!! The setting of the film in Japan made me a bit curious, because the play wasn't set in Japan, was it? However, by setting the film in Japan, Branagh has added some elements which are truly praiseworthy. For example, the colorful kimonos in the film made the film more colorful.

The casting was absolutely perfect. I especially liked the performances of Bryce Dallas Howard who plays Rosalind, Romola Garai who plays Celia, and Alfred Molina who plays Touchstone.

The most entertaining parts of the film were the scenes where the story of Silvius-Phebe-Ganymede was shown. Those scenes were truly amazing both in the play and the film, and Branagh has added some extra elements, like the emotions of Phebe which make us laugh.

Excluding the first scenes, the film will keep you laughing in almost all the scenes, especially where there are the presence of Touchstone, Phebe, Celia, and Jacques.

A very nice movie. A perfect adaption of Shakespeare's play.

Good movie but not very faithful to the novel, 20 July 2011

Yes, ''Vanity Fair'' is a good movie, but sadly it's not very much faithful to the novel, which is one of my favorite novels.

Just see the differences: are there any similarities between the Becky of the novel and the Becky of the movie? In the novel, we start to hate Becky Sharp. Again in the novel, Becky is presented with a selfish and wicked character, a character WITHOUT a soul. But in the movie--- she has emotions and she is a good person despite her wicked dreams.

If you don't read the novel but only watch the movie, then you will like this movie. In fact, I also like this movie very much, but I'm sad because of it's lack of faithfulness towards the novel.

And now, the songs are truly wonderful. Take an example of ''Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal'' and ''She Walks in Beauty''. Aren't these songs wonderful? The musical effects of the film is very good.

And the casting: it's excellent!!! I like the performances of all of them: Reese Witherspoon, James Purefoy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Romola Garai, Rhys Ifans, Bob Hoskins, Gabriel Byrne, Jim Broadbent and others.

In short, the whole movie is good but is not much faithful to the novel. Yes, it's faithful, but some elements in the movie truly disappointed me.

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The best movie of series, 20 July 2011

Before I watched this movie, I especially liked Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but when I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I realized that it is the best movie adaption of the series, certainly! Yes, I agree that many elements from the book are not shown in the film, but still, the filmmakers have been able to make this a wonderful movie. I liked this movie very much, firstly because of it's wonderful musical effects, and secondly because of the adaption, and thirdly, because of the casting. You know, casting is an important element of a film. If the cast is good, then the film is good, and if the cast is bad, then the film is bad! Daniel, Emma and Rupert give, as general, excellent performances, as do Michael Gambon, Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman, Bonnie Wright and others. I would also like to praise the new actors and actresses of the series, for example, Evanna Lynch, Helena Bonham Carter and others.

In the role of villains, I think, Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort, Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix and Jason Issacs as Lucius Malfoy are the best.

The film is full of adventure. You never feel boring at a single moment. So if you are fan of Harry Potter, then please watch this movie!

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The worst movie adaption of the Harry Potter series, 16 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then you will certainly like the novel ''Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince''. In fact, it's my favorite novel of the series. But what about the film? The film is nothing but a disappointment, I'm very sorry to say that. Just imagine, the novel brought us such pleasure, but the movie... only disappointment. Yes, the fact that the filmmakers have to make the movie shorter so that the audiences do not feel bored is true, but why did they put all the unimportant scenes in the movie? For example, the scene of the Burrow burning down, is it there in the novel? No it wasn't there. So why did the filmmakers waste such precious time by putting that scene in the movie, huh? That was one of the things that made the movie longer. Yes, that scene was exciting, but it was too unimportant. Where were the scenes where Tonks finds out Harry in the train, Madam Rosmerta is shown under the Imperius curse, the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, etc., etc? The filmmakers didn't put these scenes in the movie. The thing that hurts me the most is that most of Tom Riddle's memories are missing. Those were perhaps the most important and the most interesting parts in the book.

However, there are also some good elements in the movie which will certainly make you laugh. For example, Lavender's flirting with Ron, and most importantly, THE DANCING OF BELLATRIX LESTRANGE!!! :D Bellatrix's dance when she burns Hagrid's house really made me laugh! The casting was excellent. Daniel, Rupert and Emma gave excellent performances. And of course, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Evanna Lynch, Bonnie Wright, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, and Tom Felton also give amazing performances.

I am very sorry for the score I am giving to this film: 4 out of 10.

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A nice adaption of Anne Frank's diary, 5 July 2011

''The Diary of Anne'' (2009) is an accurate adaption of Anne Frank's diary. It's a very nice movie. I am very much interested about Anne Frank and I've seen six movies about Anne Frank. The 2009 adaption of Anne's diary is a fine one. Although it is not as excellent as ''Anne Frank: The Whole Story'' (2001), it is a very moving miniseries and can give the audience a clear idea about Anne Frank. The casting was excellent. Ellie Kendrick- I have no words to describe her- gave an amazing performance as Anne Frank. Really, Ellie is a talented young actress. I'd also like to praise the performances of Felicity Jones who played Margot Frank, Geoff Breton who played Peter van Daan and Tamsin Greig who played Edith Hollander Frank. And Nicholas Ferrell, who played Albert Dussel, also gave a wonderful performance. Lesley Sharp who played Petronella van Daan and Kate Ashfield who played Miep Gies also gave wonderful performances. The casting was, in short, excellent. The story was also arranged in such a way that we liked the movie very much. But I'd like to say that ''Anne Frank: The Whole Story'' and ''The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank'' were better than ''The Diary of Anne Frank'' (2009), but still, the 2009 adaption was indeed a nice one and I liked it. I'd like to give the movie: 7 out of 10.

Guerrilla (2011)
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The best Bangladeshi movie, 3 July 2011

There has been many movies about our 1971 Liberation War. But none of them are as wonderful as ''Guerrilla'' (2011). Certainly its a very powerful movie which can give us a clear idea about our Liberation War.

The Bangladeshi films which are being made these days contain nothing but silly songs and dances and silly dialogues. But ''Guerrilla'' is different. It's the best Bangladesh movie ever made. Certainly its the best Bangladeshi movie ever made. Director Nasiruddin Yousuff directed this movie so nicely, and the casting was excellent.

Joya Ahsan, the best Bangladeshi actress, plays the major character, Bilkis, whose husband, Hasan, has been killed by the Pakistanis. A.T.M. Shamsuzzaman and Ahmed Rubel also give excellent performances. A.T.M. Shamsuzzaman's performance as Taslim Sardar was really amazing. And what will I say about Shatabdi Wadud? His wonderful performance as Captain Shamsad and Major Sarfaraj really made us hate these two characters.

The music was excellent. The story was sad and touching. I would like to give the film: 8 out of 10.. excellent movie.

Legally Blondes (2009) (V)
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A very DISAPPOINTING movie, 2 July 2011

If you see all the three movies of the Legally Blonde series, you will find that the third one, ''Legally Blondes'', is the worst one. Certainly the worst one. The 2001 movie ''Legally Blonde'' was certainly a VERY excellent movie, but the second movie ''Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde'' was not as good as the first one. But ''Legally Blondes'', the third one, is really a VERY horrible movie. A film like ''Legally Blonde'' must not have a sequel like ''Legally Blondes''.

If you ask, what type of film ''Legally Blondes'' is? I'll say: There are two themes and they are: funny and fashion. The movie is about the stylish cousins of Elle Woods (one of my favorite fictional characters), Annie and Izzy, who know nothing except fashion. Will this film make you laugh? Yes, it will make you laugh. But it will not touch your heart like ''Legally Blonde'' (2001) touched your heart. Because watching the movie ''Legally Blondes'' (2009) is nothing but a time waste.

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A very nice movie, 2 July 2011

''Pride & Prejudice'' is certainly a very nice movie. Joe Wright directed this movie very nicely. Other movies of Mr Wright, such as ''Atonement'', are also nice, but ''Pride & Prejudice'' is different. It's a completely interesting and excellent movie. I read the novel by Jane Austen long time ago, and I think this movie adaption was the best adaption of the novel. The casting and the music was excellent.

Keira Knightley played the heroine, Elizabeth. Certainly Keira acted nicely in this movie. As did other actors like Matthew Macfadyen and Donald Sutherland. But I would especially like to praise the performance of Brenda Blethyn, who played Mrs Bennett, the funny mother of Elizabeth, in the movie. Keira Knightley and Brenda Blethyn, according to my opinion, gave the best performances in the movie. Rosamund Pike, who played Elizabeth's elder sister Jane, also gave a nice performance. In short, the casting was very good.

If you like Jane Austen's novel ''Pride & Prejudice'', then you should watch this movie, because it's a perfect adaption of the novel.

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One of the best movies ever made, 2 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

''Life Is Beautiful'' is certainly one of the best movies I have ever seen. Its a kind of movie which will make the audience laugh and cry at the same time. It has three themes: romantic, comedy and tragedy. Certainly it can give us an idea about the Holocaust which took place seventy years ago. I loved this movie, everyone will love it.

The film takes place in Italy. Robert Benigni, who is perhaps the best Italian actor, plays Guido, a witty Jewish shopkeeper who can make jokes even in the darkest situations. Nicoletta Braschi plays Dora, a girl from a wealthy non-Jewish family who falls in love with Guido. And of course, one has to praise the performance of Giorgio Cantarani, who plays the little son of Guido and Dora. And Pietro De Silva plays Bartolomeo, who becomes a close friend of Guido in the concentration camp. The film's story comes to a climax as Guido and Giosue are taken to the concentration camp, and Dora, despite being a non-Jew, joins her husband and son in the train taking them to the concentration camp. After reaching the camp, Guido does his best to make Giosue think that being in a concentration camp is a game, and they have to play this game for a few days.

A really amazing movie. If you liked movies like ''The Pianist'', ''The Boy In the Striped Pajamas'', ''Anne Frank: The Whole Story'' and ''Schindler's List'', then you will also certainly like ''Life Is Beautiful''. I know that ''Life Is Beautiful'' has been criticized for it's excessive funny elements, but you will never actually will the ''pleasure'' while seeing the movie. You will feel sad all time while seeing it. Yes, you will laugh at some jokes of Guido, but side-by-side with this you will feel sad thinking about the the innocent 6 million Jews who were killed by the Nazis.

A wonderful movie. Everyone should watch it. I'd finish this review after giving the score the movie should receive: 10 out of 10. This movie should be watched by EVERYONE.

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