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As you can probably tell I'm a massive horror fan, I can't get enough of it, and over the years I've watched countless tales of terror, some unbelievably awful, some kinda meh, and some totally awesome. Therefore, I decided to compile my personal top 500.

As it happened, the task was far more difficult than I initially thought it would be, there are a lot of terrible films lurking within the most notorious of genres, and to be honest with you, thinking of 500 worth watching was damn near impossible. In fact, I'm not sure if all 500 on the list are worth a watch. Nevertheless, by drawing upon my twisted expertise, a list I have created. Oh yes my scary little friends, laid out before you are the fruits of my nefarious labour, a piece de resistance of unyielding nightmares, a Pandora's box waiting to be opened, if you should dare.

So dim the lights, hold on for your life, and join me upon a journey into the darkness to where the monsters live, mwahahahahahahaha.

As you've probably noticed the list is in date order, and although it's pretty comprehensive I might not have seen every horror film ever made. In which case if you know of a hidden gem that could possibly make the grade, hit me up.

So long fellow seekers of terror, for it is time I slipped away into the shadows, into the beyond, but remember, when you feel as though you are being watched, or you could swear something caught the corner of your eye, beware the thinning of the veil, because it only takes a second to be whisked into the night.
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As an undergraduate one of my assignments was to write a modern piece of fiction based on fairy tales and folklore. My process can vary, however, something that I like to do is absorb myself in various media to get the creative juices flowing, including film. Consequently I've decided to compile a list of modern fairy tales and adaptations to help other people that might be interested in writing in this genre. Of course, if you feel I've missed something out, please make suggestions. Obviously, I haven't seen everything and some movies like Beastly are too rubbish to include on any list (except maybe worst films of all time), so some movies aren't on here, but nonetheless, here's a few to start with.
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If you were thinking, 'humm, I really fancy watching something based on Lovecraft.'

Then this is the list for you. I've tried to amalgamate as many movies and TV shows based on or inspired by his writing as I can think of. If you know of any more hit me up and I'll add 'em. By the way, a lot of these movies are pretty lame, or have a tiny budget, so if you watch 'em and think 'they suck' don't say I didn't warn you.

I haven't included any anime because Lovecraftian themes run quite prevalent in that particular genre. Urotsukidoji anyone? I might add them at some point but right now I'm only looking at the more western stuff.