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Bad bad bad bad bad too bad., 24 January 2015

I love Kim Soo Ro so much he is such a great actor, so much potential but seriously, this movie sucks to the core.

There are so many things that can be exploited. A movie about "experts" in such a weird field of career: what a wonderful idea! Every expert appears with flamboyant clothing and promises us so much super power and such, but instead we got boring talking and action scene that almost has nothing to do with their profession. Ghost sweepers? I see none. I just see a tons of normal people that has some kind of abnormal power that is useless most of the time, fighting like average humans against a very boring ghost. And all of them lack background story, depth or any character development.

Also, the lead female is really a pain in the neck to me. She acts like a kid and doesn't do anything according to a human logic would do. Why would she doubting a kid about his power of premonition when he is a member at a GHOST SWEEPERS meeting full of people with supernatural power and she herself believes in those thing enough to write an article about it? Why is she always asking stupid questions all the time? Why is her reaction to everything is so illogical. She sucks. Everybody sucks. The plot sucks.

It's not even funny, why label it a comedy? I am very very angry right now for my wasted time and for the wasted plot.

Kick-Ass (2010)
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Wonderful!, 15 December 2013

I expected a lot. And I wasn't disappointed, at all.

Come on, be honest with yourself. Who wouldn't at one time wish to have some kind of superpower and become a super hero? I personally love Iron Man and the X-Men series and always dream of becoming a superhero. This movie fulfills all kinds of fantasy.

It's not the content that matters. It's how the director handles a very original concept, and breaths air into every character.

I love Hit Girl. She is beyond my imagination. Not once did I ever imagine such disturbingly bloody scenes be performed by a young kid. Well done, girl, you are totally the best! Hope she will grow up into an excellent actress, because she sure has potential.

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Why? I find this extremely good., 6 September 2012

I have just watched Painted Skin 2 - The Resurrection yesterday. What a movie! I don't usually write reviews for movies (to much time-consuming), but to this movie I feel the urge to do that, because it is totally worth it.

Firstly, I would like to stress the fact that this kind of fantasy movie is not just for anyone. Being in a country closely related to China in terms of culture, custom, and even language, I feel sorry for viewers from Western countries as well as many others as it's impossible for them to understand the story well. The concept of demons under the skin of a beauty, seducing men for their hearts is not new, in fact, it's a fantasy tale that has been spread among Asia for thousands of years. Hence, the movie itself leaves a very mysterious and beautifully thrilling impression to people who are familiar to the tale.

Opening the movie is the scene of the fox demon being imprisoned under the deadly cold ice. Such was the demon's beauty that a demon bird was attracted, freeing her from the ice. Then her journey of devouring human's hearts began, with the aim of finding a human who would voluntarily offer his heart so that she can become a true human, which leads her to the fateful meeting with the strong on-the-outside-yet-weak-on-the-inside, disfigured Jing princess and her love interest - the damaged hero Huo Xin.

The CGI scenes, which might look badly done and painfully fake to a lot of people, is one of the important factors attracting me. Just let yourself be, forget the reality and get into that fantasy mysterious world. The characters are typical of what people look like at that time - long-haired tough soldiers, beauty with big attractive eyes, fair skin and hair so long that it can touch the floor, flying all over the places beautifully when the wind comes. The movie is totally a feast to the eyes. Stunning visual everywhere, from the landscape to the people.

And the most important thing that contribute to the success of the movie: the actors. Zhou Xun (the demon) is simply flawless. Whether it's her look, or her acting, it's simply perfect. Her role is definitely the highlight of the movie. Whatever she does, no one can hate her. I can feel the pain in her eyes, the sadness hiding behind the mask of a evil demon. That is what I call a true actress. But that doesn't mean Zhao Wei (the princess) did a bad job. She played her role very well. There's no room for complaint. The reason why I love Zhou Xun so much is probably because her character of the demon in the movie is kind of more complicated and interesting to me. Comparing with those 2 actresses, Chen Kun falls a little bit flat. His role is very well played, it's just ... flat. However to combine all the 3 we made a powerful trio, making the mission to conquer all the box offices in China possible.

The plot, although I have to say doesn't have much originality, is still interesting enough to keep my eyes on the screen. The movie is a heart-breaking love story, dealing with the issue of true beauty.

Although we all claim that the true beauty is what people possess inside, isn't it true that everybody is attracted to a beautiful face in some way?

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1/10? Seriously?, 11 April 2012

I understand some of you might not be used to the Korean culture and custom, some may think the movie exaggerates their brotherhood a little bit (while actually it doesn't at all), but 1 out of 10? JUST NO! The movie was truly heartbreaking and wonderful. My country suffered from a war quite similar to this. I understand the pain that the people in the movie have to endure, because I heard a lot of heartbreaking stories about the war in my own country. Korea is no different. The movie depicts precisely what war is about. Fighting and killing. Blood and fire. Death is near you everywhere.

How can I find a more beautiful movie about brotherhood again? I couldn't remember how much tear I have shed during watching this movie.

10/10. Definitely.

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A masterpiece, 4 April 2012

It's 12 years since the movie was first released that I have a chance to watch it. I have seen people everywhere recommended it as one of the most beautiful movie in the China movie industry, and decided to give it a try.

How lucky I am to be able to enjoy this masterpiece. The acting is just perfect. I like Chow Yun-fat's acting the most. It came as no surprise to me that he is one of the most famous actors in China. His facial expression suits his character, and he and Michelle Yeoh made a great couple on screen, too.

Michelle Yeoh's acting is quite exceptional, and Ziyi Yang is not bad, either.

If you are not familiar with the Chinese cultural then the action might look weird at first but don't worry, you will fall for it in no time!

The story is indeed so beautiful. The ending is heartbreaking.

I love this movie. 10/10

Spellbound (2011)
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Seriously ... It's the 1st time I have this kind of feeling when seeing a movie, 18 January 2012

The romance is super cliché. The horror is also very cliché. The humour, well, maybe less cliché.

But to combine those, you make quite a great movie. At first, I really don't know how it would feel to see a "romantic comedy ghost" movie. I know you will agree with me. You can't scream your lungs out in a funny movie, nor can you enjoy the romance and humour in a ghost movie.

But I did. I laughed. Then I screamed. Then I smiled. Then I laughed and screamed again. This movie gave me mixed feeling. Very entertaining, I must say.

Seriously, if you don't believe me, check it out!

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This movie is beyond my imagination, 3 July 2011

This is the first X-Men movie I have ever seen and to be honest, I didn't have much expectation. Additionally, I sat in row B, which was unbelievably close to the screen. In spite of the fact that my neck hurt so much after walking out of the cinema, I have had a marvellous experience with X-Men: First Class.

It is amazing. Just genius. I feel so thankful that human is given the ability to imagine. And what I have seen is far beyond anything I can ever imagine in my head. I admit that apart from the Harry Potter series and Avatar, I hardly ever take any fiction movie (the kind of movie where people have super power, they come from future, they have super weapon, they come from another planet blah blah blah...) in a serious way. And this completely changed my mind.

The plot, well, maybe still has some holes. But the acting is wonderful, especially the 2 lead actors. Kevin Bacon is a great great great villain. Michael Fassbender plays the role of Erik very believable. And James McAvoy (professor X)? he is simply so wonderful in every aspects. The effect is superb and the music is just incredible. This movie will surely make you WOW with its coolness.

Really, the best movie of this year until now : )

Rough Cut (2008)
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I have to give this a 10/10, 18 June 2011

First, I have to admit that the reason I see this movie is my eye candies : Kang Ji-hwan and So Ji-sub. Yes, they are very handsome but that won't prevent me from judging this movie in the most honest way.

This is absolutely a beautiful movie. It has everything: action, romance, and a little bit humour just where needed. "Rough Cut" (or the translated Korean name "Movie is Movie") must be really lucky to have a cast full of famous actors with fabulous acting.

I find a summary of the plot very redundant here so I will go straight into comment about what I like most in this movie. It is full of moral lessons and I keep smiling all the time. At first, I thought this would be some kind of "rivals turning into buddies" movie (which I am really into) but I'm just half correct. The 2 lead characters have a great but confusing relationship. Not friends, not enemies. They talk to each other, they fight, they help each other, they curse each other. Complicated yet entertaining.

Although it's not THAT perfect but I was forced to give this movie a 10 due to the perfect acting of both main actors (and the main actress who plays the role of Mi-na, too) I believe most of you won't find those 113 mins a waste of time.

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I kept thinking about it., 15 June 2011

Kokuhaku (or Confessions) is a real winner from Japan. Just like the title, the movie is about the Confessions of a group of people. After each confession, a new detail is added into the story until it became a complete story at the end.

I feel empty. Very disturbing. The movie remains dark and cold from the beginning until the end. A great thing in this movie is that you don't know who you should hate. Yes, it's obvious that they have done something terribly wrong, but after each confession, they suddenly became the victim, and then after the movie finished, you ended up feeling the sympathy for every characters.

The acting in this movie is absolutely fabulous. Just look at those eyes of the students. Cold and heartless. I watched it with my mouth wide open. The plot is perfect. I don't know what to complain. There are even some bloody scenes added to it, which make the movie more interesting.

I love it.

Jump In! (2007) (TV)
Good movie, 14 June 2011

To be honest, my dad was going to work when he accidentally saw the movie on TV. And he was almost late for work because of it.

I have seen this movie a few years ago and today, I saw it again on Disney Channel. I find it a very interesting one, and decided to see its rating on IMDb.

Obviously, some people just can't realize the fact that jumping rope is a sport, too. And there are surely a lot of jumping competitions. Come on, look at how they jump! It's amazing. Why can't you take it seriously??? The plot is good. It's funny to watch a boxer transforming into a rope jumper (or whatever it is). The movie brings you a lot of lessons. Never give up. Work hard and you will get what you want. A perfect movie to watch with the whole family.

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