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Spartan (2004)
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Took awhile, but liked it, 13 August 2004

This one almost didn't make my "20-minute test." Maybe I suffer from ADD, but it seems many of the movies I've rented over the last ten years have left me wondering what the heck is going on. That happened with this one, too...early on...but the pace quickly picked up and began to pique my interest. After a short while, I was hooked on the plot, which, in a nutshell involves the kidnapping of a high U.S. government official's daughter, presumably at his behest (she was cramping his style). Other than the first 10 minutes or so, it kept my attention and didn't drag at all. Val Kilmer's performance was commendable, as was that of Ed (Al Bundy) O'Neill, who seems to have escaped his Married With Children albatross quite nicely, and is a fine dramatic actor. It ain't Casablanca, but it's definitely worth the DVD rental and an evening at home curled up on the couch. 7/10.

Basic (2003)
Yes, it WAS confusing, 5 February 2004

Other comments notwithstanding, this movie can turn your brain to jello. I found myself saying "huh?!?" on more than one occasion, and made heavy use of the rewind button on the remote. Granted, it may have been because I was in a drowsy state (thanks to the film), but it's tough to relax and enjoy a movie that resembles a final exam. Given the cast, very disappointing.

"Thriller" (1960)
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The Hungry Glass, 24 August 2003

Amazing how many of you remember the "Hungry Glass" episode. I was only about 9 years old at the time, and still vividly remember it as the scariest TV show I ever saw. What astounds me is that, with all the cable channels and all the JUNK programmed on them, they don't seem to find a slot to rerun these Thriller classics. It's a shame.