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One of the best new anime out today., 13 January 2005

Summery: After fighting in numerous interstellar wars, mankind forms the Galactic Union to bring stability and to prevent conflicts between different planets. However, disputes between members of the union itself persists. In the Star Century year 0165, the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT) was formed. This organization utilizes the super powered ES task force to maintain order. Eclair and Lumiere are two low-ranking ES members who carry out missions for GOTT. However, as they begin to see more and more of the galaxy, they soon realize that what they know about GOTT, the Galactic Union, and even themselves might not be all there is to it...

This is a great anime series and one on my favorite new anime series. Well lets start with the animation. The animation in the show is great. Everything is drawn very well. Everything in this series is bright and color which goes with the series somewhat playful and carefree tone.

The music. The music isn't Cowboy Bebop quality, but it goes well with this series. It could only go with this series. I like the playful, lighthearted sound of the music in this show.

The story. The story is of Eclair and Lumiere two C Class members of GOTT who find out that their lives past, present and future aren't what they seem.

In short this is a must watch series.

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Watanabe You Bastard, You've Done It Again!, 22 October 2004

The story is about Jin a traditional very skilled samurai, Mugen a innovative equally skilled samurai, and Fuu a girl who worked at a tea house. When Jin and Mugen get caught and are about to be executed, Fuu saves their lives and in return she makes them promise to help her find the Samurai Who Smells Like Sunflowers. It may sound stupid but trust me its not.

The animation. The animation on this show is Bebop quality. The animation is just incredible. The fight scenes are kick ass, beautiful and often times bloody. The backgrounds are very lush and detailed. You will be amazed and how good everything looks.

Now on to the best part, the music. When I first heard about Samurai Champloo the first thing that came to mind was "Well its made by the same dude that did Cowboy Bebop so its got to be good." ,the next thing was "Well what does a Japanese man know about hip hop?". Even though I'm still wondering about the second question, it doesn't matter because all the music works great. Just like with Bebop the series wouldn't be half as good if it didn't have the great music that it does. The opening theme song to Samurai Champloo is a "rap" song. I put rap in quotation because none of the lyrics rhyme so its not a true rap song, but its still great.

Bottom line. If you are a fan of Cowboy Bebop you have to see this. In fact if your a anime fan at all you need to see this. This will go down in history as one of the greats along with Cowboy Bebop.

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A Good American Anime-que Show, 17 May 2004

This is a pretty good show. I like it a lot. In the year 2300+ the Earth is taking over by an alien race named the Glorbs. The Earth resistance fighters stole an prototype robot from the Glorbs and planned to use against them, but the Glorbs caught on to this and came after the robot. The new plan was to send the robot back in time at the beginning of the war to change the outcome of the future. But something went wrong and the robot. The robot was sent to the 1930s and ended up in a junkyard. Now in the present a dude name Coop found the robot all bang up. He bought the robot for $2 and fixed it up not knowing its real purpose. Soon after the resistance fight who stole the robot, Kiva came back to the present to demand the robot back and so did the Glorbs. Kiva wanted the robot back, but Coop had fixed the robot in a way that Kiva could no longer pilot it. Now Coop must pilot the robot and defeat the Glorbs to save the future.

This show is blend of American and Anime animation. Which, to me works pretty well. I'll put it like this. Its Anime with American attitude.

The Waynes did it good, but Zucker did it better., 26 October 2003

The Waynes did is good, but Zucker did it better. Me, myself I liked Scary Movie 1 and 2, but 3 was better. I thought without the Waynes the movie wouldn't be as good, but I was wrong. This movie was very funny, even though it stayed away from most of the race humor I love so much. I'd have to say this is the best movie in the series. I have few complaints. The Wake scene. That went on way to long. Once George started beating on Brenda's chest and then took the electric wires to her thats when it went too far. Also, the scene with Nilson as the president beating up the handicap people went too far. It was funny at first but got out of hand after a while.Now on to the Matrix spoof. Wasn't enough.Queen Latifah as the Oracal and Eddie Griffin as Orpheus was very funny, but there wasn't enough of them. They should have had a bigger part,but oh well atleast the part they had was funny.

My favorite line in the movie is from Eddie. I'm catching smack for women I haven't even slept with yet.