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A list of actors/actresses I would like to see cast as the characters in my novels; Act of Love & GBF
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searching IMDB for comedies, and taking the first 75 listed as comedies ONLY for review.
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A list of my top ten favourite movies.
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Films that I have stumbled across and that have been good. Whether it is great performances, brilliant soundtracks or just really well made movie. Please feel free to recommend additions to this list.
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Some US TV shows that I want to own on DVD. I wish we were able to watch the pilots of american shows during pilot season - but there are so many and so many dont make it. It can be annoying to start watching a show that gets cancelled before the end of the first season or doesnt make it through its second. Especially when reality shows seem to always be on (Jerseyshore/16 and pregnant etc.). I know plenty of people who wont watch a show until they know that it has been commissioned for more than one season as they "dont want to get attached to it".
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My top twenty romantic comedies taken from the top 100 highest grossing romantic comedies. I havent seen 28 of the films in the list - but of those I have seen these I would recommend.
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A list of the 10 TV boxsets that I own. They aren't in any particular order.